Sagittarius Sun Gemini Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

Sagittarians with Gemini rising are level-headed and amazing thinkers. They almost never say anything in the heat of the moment but use their mind at any time and in every situation of life before they open their mouths which is due to the influence of the Gemini rising. Sagittarius people with Geminis ascendant think that there is no useless thing in life and try to present all things as they are. Their amazing linguistic talent is used by these individuals to their best ability. The Sagittarius sun with Gemini rising is furthermore very adaptable and therefore in general loved by others. Thus, it won't be their disadvantage as these individuals posses a great force of attraction to the opposite gender. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Being an idol to other men

In the constellation of the Sagittarius sun with Gemini rising great value is attached to the thinking. As the people who are born as Sagittarians man or woman love joined-up thinking they considerate the entire picture and not only the snapshots. Geminis on the other hand have a very analytical way of thinking and use their minds before they voice their opinions. It shouldn't be a big surprise, therefore, that Sagittarians with Gemini ascendant, regardless of their gender, take a long time to contemplate before they openly say what they have in the mind. Thus, everything that a Sagittarius sun with Gemini ascendant voices has rhyme and rhythm which is why the people who are born in this astrological combination can be unscrupulously taken at their words. Therefore, assuming responsibility and being an idol to others is what the Sagittarius sun with Gemini ascendant view their own life-task in.

Undertakings that are not completed

In the combination of the Sagittarius sun with Gemini ascendant the ability of the Sagittarius to recognize the links and think horizontally is united with Gemini's analytical and flexible thinking. This is why the people in this constellation always think first thoroughly and then let their well voiced opinion come out of their mouths. People who are born as Sagittarius sun, Gemini man or woman insist on the fact that all things in life make sense. But, nevertheless, the combination of a Sagittarius with a Gemini zodiac sign create restless and alert characters are formed who love to travel and always search new contacts and acquaintances, with both men and women of this astrological mix affected. The Sagittarius sun with Gemini ascendant cherish to be in the middle of all the action and they can be utterly attentive as these people are interested in a lot of different areas of knowledge. Due to this varied interests and their restlessness they quite often suffer from inner strive and aimlessness, openly shown by undertakings that are never completed. The lives of Sagittarian people with Gemini ascendant are determined by ups and downs but they in general survive these loops without damage because of their amazing adaptability, one of their most important strengths. Their linguistic skills can be called outstanding without exaggeration. People with sun in Sagittarius, Gemini ascendant are very well liked by the opposite gender and generally hold in high regard by their environment. It is their openness that makes the difference but this may be dangerous as well as sometimes they would do great with a little distance. These character traits combined with a distinctive pursuit of liberty may explain why Sagittarius people with Gemini rising are not always too particular about loyalty.