Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics and Appearance

Great self-assertiveness is the key word for people who are born as Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant. Very diligent and determined, these people are real go-getters especially on the job. Sagittarians with Capricorn rising want to live in a carefree manner but can nevertheless be called humble. As time goes by, the Sagittarius sun with Capricorn man or woman may risk getting lonely and especially in higher ages they will present themselves as cold, hard and austere people. Their environment perceives the Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant as reserved people whereas deep inside this sign really strive for power and recognition. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Inclination to feel lonely

Living a peaceful life free from economic cares is the main goal for people born as Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant. Therefore, it has to be mentioned, that those who are born in this combination would never be wasteful and live a modest lifestyle. In general, Sagittarians with Capricorn ascendant are really successful on the job, completing their tasks with uttermost precision and perseverance. It is therefore primarily on the professional level where the Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant is best. Regardless of the gender, this sign simply has to achieve what they aimed at in order to receive praise and acknowledgment of others. On the surface Sagittarians may seem quiet and humble personalities but deep inside this sign wishes to be powerful and to acquire acknowledgment. As they grow older, these people born as Sagittarius with Capricorn ascendant show an inclination to be lonely and thus developing a cold, reserved and hard behavior towards their environment.

Not too popular

Sagitarius' nature-given urge for freedom is brutally subdued in the combination of Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant by Capricorns influence. On the contrary, Sagittarius self-consciousness and Capricorns diligence go along quite well, thus building a solid foundation for extraordinary performance on the job in this combination of signs. People who are born as Sagittarius sun with Capricorn rising in general want a quiet and carefree life. Their looks are generally perfect with harmonious facial features. The outgoing self-consciousness usually displayed by Sagittarians is therefore more subdued and leaves space for a certain modesty. Working tirelessly and carefully is part of people born as Sagittarius sun with Capricorn ascendant and they are really great in reaching their ambitious aims and consequently ensuring their environment’s acknowledgment. Although they try to hold back on the surface, Sagittarians with Capricorn rising secretly long for power and want to be influential. Many also believe that great things in life are only achieved by a certain rigor. Although they look at life in a rather consequent and sober manner some Sagittarians with Capricorn ascendant also spend time on moral values as well without peddling their theories. From time to time these people avert from their environment, seeking a certain solitude. It is therefore that the Sagittarius sun, Capricorn rising is usually respected by others but will never be number one on the popularity scale.