Sagittarius Sun Leo Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born as Sagittarius sun with Leo ascendant are liberal minded,proud characters. They live a life far from mediocrity and being humble personalities is completely alien to them for they want to go very far to live a life of luxury. Sagittarius people with Leo rising feel destined for greater things, always trying to make their ambitious goals real. Nothing can stop them once they are on their way, courageously and full of energy. Basically Scorpio man or woman with Leo rising are generous and not afraid to assume responsibility or to set a good example. Yet, if anything does not go according to plan, they may display an arrogant approach. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Arrogance can not be ruled out

As both contributing zodiacs belong to the fire element astrologically, people born as Sagittarius with Leo ascendant are destined to be amazingly self-confident and they will work night and day to give maximum power in order to finance their luxury. Being a Sagittarius with Leo rising means to aim high and always have big plans which are to be realized boldly. People born in this astrological combination feel called to great deeds. Fact is, they achieve their goals thus defining themselves and feel self-confident. Small, simple actions are not at all to their taste as they don't feel challenged enough. Generosity is the middle name of those who are born as Sagittarius sun with Leo ascendant and they predominantly face their environment with this. They simply seem to know how to promote a special sense of community. This is partly because they are very involved but also because of their skill to shoulder responsibility and take the lead without hesitation. Nevertheless, it is not all rosy future that lies ahead when dealing with a Sagittarius with Leo rising for in conflictual situations they will display arrogance and self-righteousness. In addition a Sagittarius man or woman with Leo ascendant, regardless of the gender, are inclined to live wasteful, throwing money down the drain even if this is anything but clever.

Responsibility and leadership

Cosmopolitanism, a predominant part of people born as Sagittarius sun is united with Leos pride and generosity in the combination of Sagittarius sun with Leo ascendant. This mosaic of character traits brings forth individuals who have no notion of inferiority complexes or self-doubts. Thus, Sagittarians with Leo ascendant will give maximum performance in order to draw on unlimited resources, leading a luxurious life. When someone is born with such an amount of self-confidence as encountered in Sagittarius with Leo rising, these people crave to set their aims high in order to be unique personalities, regardless of the gender. It is their noble and bounteous character that forms their ideals and the pronounced sense of community, creating enthusiastic persons, eager to take the lead and shoulder responsibility. On the negative side of their character traits arrogance, extravagance and an exaggerated opinion of the self should be mentioned. Part of their self-consciousness comes from them being ostentatiously about their money and properties. Furthermore they sometimes lack emotional deepness which Sagittarians with Leo ascendant compensate by rhetorical exercises and pompous statements. In matters of love their tenor is mirrored. This sign loves to savor and is usually really active but equally loves to be pampered. Sagittarian people with Leo ascendant are best and most extroverted in a content relationship. Being satisfied and happy with their companions does equally encourage them to anticipate whatever their partners may wish, regardless of cost or effort.