Aquarius Sun Leo Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Aquarius sun with Leo rising are perceived as attractive for their self-confidence as well as their wittiness. They love to be in the center of attention and sometimes they even seem to be inclined to desperate self-portrayal due to the influence of the Leo rising. Aquarius individuals with Leo ascendant remain unconvinced and express their opinion with corresponding pigheadedness. What Aquarians with Leo rising think or imagine will not always be rationally understood by others because the versatile minded Aquarius with Leo ascendant has long turned to new ideas and plans with their environment still deliberating over this inexplicable behavior. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Extreme self-portrayal

Aquarians with Leo ascendant are generally full of dualities. On the one hand they advocate liberal consumption, on the other hand they continuously try to demonstrate their authority. In most cases Aquarius people with Leo rising are calm individuals with a permanent craving to start something new. There are certainly times when they downrightly long for a change and try to realize this by hook or by crook. In social interaction Aquarians with Leo ascendant can become very involved, regardless of their gender. They are instantly dedicated to take steps against social destitution thus committing fully to the task. It has to be questioned, however, if all this is done for the good actually, or if they are rather interested in playing the gallery as benefactor though. It is not without reason that people born as Aquarians with Leo rising are said to be amazing self-exposers.

Contradictory lifestyle

The authenticity of the Aquarius man or woman meets Leo the Lions self-confidence in the combination of Aquarius people with Leo ascendant. This leads to Aquarians with Leo ascendants craving for being in the spotlight as this zodiac love to talk about themselves and what they did with great enthusiasm. It is not uncommon, however, that Aquarians with Leo ascendant throw themselves out of balance with their own extraordinary ideas and phantasies. This affects their environment even more which is why others find it very hard to follow Aquarius with Leo ascendants unconventional approaches, especially since they use to unexpectedly change their opinion all the time. Then the thus newly acquired conviction will be demonstrated with their usual pigheadedness since Aquarians with Leo rising only accept their own opinion and do not hesitate to voice them loudly. If thus problems arise these people prove themselves unconvincable. This demeanor can be truly called inappropriate. Therefore, Aquarius individuals with Leo rising live a basically inconsistent life. They openly push liberal thinking but otherwise crave for every possibility to play off their authority.