Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Aquarians with Sagittarius rising are well-known to be idealistic and to view live very positively. True friendships weigh more than relationships for Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant need to feel connected to others while at the same time they keep the freedom to do whatever they want to do. Especially in social concerns Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant are very committed always fighting for the rights of others. Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant are very adaptable and love being surrounded by friends but insist on keeping their own space where they will live their individualism. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Respecting your own needs

Although they set great store by inner independence people born as Aquarius sun with Sagittarius ascendant grasp at a reliable and strong relationship that ideally leaves them they space they need so that their desire for freedom is not repressed. They will be in exchange very faithful companions who would never seek superficial erotic interludes, as long as their partner puts trust in them. If that works, they experience the Aquarius sun with Sagittarius man or woman at their best. Feelings of mistrust or too much control from their companion, however, creates the wish in Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant to end this relationship as soon as possible. Their friends can rely 20/20 on Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant. Only they should keep in mind that their nature-given helpfulness is not taken advantage of. The Aquarians therefore has to keep an eye on their own needs and desires in order not to come off badly.

Humanitarian with a lot of idealism

Usually, the connection between Aquarius as an air sign and the Sagittarius as the fire sign will be a really good one because they essentially share the same basic values. Qualities as idealism, optimism, helpfulness or the desire to change society are what push not only those who are born as Aquarius sun but also the Sagittarians. Most Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant therefore qualify as excellent idealists and philanthropics, thus a career that benefits humankind will be the best choice. Alternatively, they could outlive their skill in private as benefactors for friends and family. Friendships have an important role in the lives of the Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant and thus much time is spent on them. It may happen therefore that the friendships for some Aquarians become even more important than marriage or a relationship. Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant will always keep the own personal touch although they love to be surrounded by people and are seen as adaptable personalities. Every new idea that comes out of a revolutionary thought is tackled with fiery enthusiasm and Aquarius with Sagittarius rising won't stop until they realized those plans. Their intellect however will always dominate their emotions in people who are born under this astrological combination, which is why they may sometimes interact in a cool and reserved manner while they are deep inside social and helpful beings paradoxically. Aquarians with Sagittarius ascendant are popular for their eccentric looks since their often funky clothing styles will rarely be known to meet the taste of the time.