Aquarius Sun Aries Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

People who combine the traits of an Aquarius sun with an Aries rising in their personality are well known to fight for independence and liberty. Therefore, Aquarius people with Aries ascendant always fight enthusiastically for reforms and social justice and therefore accept willingly to swim against the tide. Big and long-term plans are quite unfamiliar to these persons which does not mean that they can’t stand in for their goals. Their relationships are also affected by traits of the combination of an Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant as these people won't bind chose a partner until they have found their true soul mate. And this proves to be very difficult, because of the fact that these individuals really value their liberty amazingly high. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Liberty and independence must be preserved

The strong idea to reform life in general and the apparent dynamic of life itself meet in the astrological combination of an Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant. Their personal freedom and independence are most precious to these people aside from their sense of justice and their strife for individuality. This inner independence can not be taken from them. An Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant is therefore able to argue vehemently for their cause as long as necessary. Long-term plans are rare in the lives of both men and women of the Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant as in these people the elements of air and fire collide vigorously. It is no big surprise, though, that their ideas develop intuitively and the realization of these ideas is rather chaotic. They consequently need room for their maneuver, although their environment sometimes feel that in taking this room the Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant crosses borders and behaves rather arrogant. In general, an Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant is inclined to overdo and thus they will overplay their hand, risking and expecting too much from their environment. If they manage to be less impulsive in their actions and trust their inner voice they would certainly live more comfortable.

Mixing vision and fighting spirit

In the combination of the Aquarius sun with Aries ascendant is much energy provided and a enthusiastic mix of vision and fighting spirit will be created. Aquarians with Aries rising stand in for their convictions without hesitation,regardless if they find supporters or if they have to fight alone against the rest of the world. The Aquarius man or woman, who is most courageous anyway, receives more thirst for adventure from the Aries rising but their most valuable assets are freedom and idealism, values they would fight to death for. Aquarius individuals with Aries rising are soft and willing persons in a relationship, but only when they meet their soul mates. Those soul mates should have more or less the same interests and character traits in order to make a relation with these freethinkers a successful connection.