Aquarius Sun Gemini Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Aquarius sun with Gemini ascendant live a life full of light-heartedness. This double air zodiac sign bursts of genuineness and creativity and wins the hearts of others hands down. As very talkative individuals Aquarians with Gemini rising display no fear of contact. On the contrary, they are full of humor, active and energetic as well as full of joie de vivre which isn't a big surprise with two astrological signs combined that belong to the air element. People with Aquarius sun, Gemini rising are perfect entertainers and therefore welcome at every feast. It is due to their charming and funny character that things are never boring when they are around and there is always something to laugh at. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Friendship more important than passion

Lightness, a bunch full of ideas and genuineness are what characterize the combination of Aquarius sun with Gemini ascendant and this is perceptible in every minute. Quite often, consequently, the Aquarius sun with Gemini man or woman gives the impression to slide through life without meeting any obstacles at all. Their curiosity and multiple interests urge these people to start something new again and again and focus eyes wide open enthusiastically on what lies ahead. Aquarius individuals with Gemini ascendant are much in science, especially in the field of literature or psychology. It shouldn't be big surprise, therefore, that people who are born in this astrological constellation are famous for their talkative characters and approach others very open-minded. They intuitively win the hearts of their environment as they are charmed by the light-footed and easygoing personality. Their amazing charisma wins them a lot of friends and enables their social advancement without any efforts. As they are fully aware of love and passion being fading values, their focus in a relationship is set on a very intensive friendship and closeness with their partners.

A born entertainer

From the astrological point of view, Aquarius people with Gemini ascendant are lucky dogs as they combine both zodiac signs of the air element to a quite perfect and harmonious unity. These people are never driven by their emotions but use their minds and intuition. This is why they display great horse sense which makes it hard for others to cheat on them. If they are nevertheless cheated, the cheater will be punished by contempt from then on. There is much practical sense and a certain talent for theory in these people born as Aquarius sun with Gemini ascendant. People with this astrological combination are attractive for their energy, high spirits and their genuineness. They are welcome guests at nearly everybody's place for their sympathetic and lively characters make them the born entertainers. From the cradle the Aquarius man or woman with Gemini ascendant are gifted with fantasy and creativity which is why they succeed in no time in casting a spell over others and astonish them with their stories so that their environment hangs on their very words, tensely awaiting the next punchline.