Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

People born in Aquarius with Pisces ascendant need their freedom and independence. They usually dislike being limited in their scope for action since it is most important that they are allowed to unleash their potential.
An Aquarius sun with Pisces rising individual is rather himself, not only developing inventive ideas but sometimes being quite pig-headed. On the whole, Aquarius influence does not effectively associate with dreamy Pisces, thus handling will be difficult with individuals born under this astrological constellation. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Compromises in demand

Independently of their gender, an Aquarius man or woman with Pisces rising cherishes his independence refusing strongly to be constrained in any way. People born in this combination need to be free and sometimes even require understanding to be on their own. Their horse-sense surely helps a lot to make really good friends, for due to his great intuition you can't easily fool an Aquarius born individual with Pisces rising. A give-and-take mentality is the key to a lucky relationship. To avoid confusing their partners emotionally all the time, people born as Aquarius with Pisces ascendant have to find a balance between their thirst for freedom on the one hand and their total devotion on the other, thus the biggest problems are prevented.
Compromise is the key phrase for the partners of people born in this combination since they will hold the reins of the relationship. Without the will to concede, the relationship with an Aquarius with Pisces ascendant will certainly be of short time.

Lack of conviction

The disturbing influence of the combination between Aquarius people with Pisces ascendant can certainly not be denied. As a matter of fact Aquarius people are independent, back-talking, stubborn and restless at the same time and thus contradicting the dreamy, emotional, devoted and passive Pisces fundamentally. This is why an Aquarius with Pisces ascendant finds it more difficult to have his will than people born in other Aquarius combinations.
Thus, outgoing and well-mixing Aquarians can be driven into loneliness and isolation now and again by their Pisces ascendant. People born in Aquarius with Pisces rising behave very idealistic for they are passionate friends of humans and fauna. They often develop a strong affection for religious or mystical topics. If the influence of the Pisces ascendant becomes too dominant in people born in this combination they may be taken advantage of due to their helpful and friendly characters.
Many times they lack the necessary power and determination to get along in life. Furthermore, it happens frequently that an Aquarius with Pisces ascendant does not make the best use of their artistic talent and creativity since they lack the boost and the willingness to meet reality and to spare no efforts in order to set a worthwhile goal. As a result, these people often don't have a great deal to offer except for off-the-wall-ideas that won't be put into practice.