Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

Aquarius people with Scorpio rising are passionate, full of fantasy and have an attentive mind. For others, an Aquarius sun with Scorpio ascendant will thus be the perfect partner. Those who are born in this zodiac constellation of the Aquarius sun and the Scorpio ascendant have extraordinary mental skills and prefer following their own path. First and foremost however they have a formidable horse sense that protects them of disappointment. In general they learn from their mistakes and know how to use this experience wisely in the future. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Striking out in a new direction

Aquarius reserved passion and fantasy meets Scorpios will-power and contemplation in the combination of an Aquarius sun with Scorpio ascendant. Thanks to their irresistible quest for action, Aquarians with Scorpio ascendant are full of ideas and even have the power to make them reality. Once Aquarius individuals with Scorpios rising set their minds to a task, they will not stop until they have reached what they aimed at, giving all their energy to the task. Aquarius people with Scorpio rising are bubbling over with ideas, striking out to new paths in realizing these. Aquarius people with Scorpio ascendant seem to be the ideal partners in the eyes of persons of the opposite sex, because of their passionate, attentive and fanciful behavior. It is also part of their personality that they will always try to be a perfect companion.

Taking unusual paths

Severe conflicts may often arise from the combination of the Aquarius man or woman who are characterized by their mental potential and the driven personality of the Scorpio ascendant. Inner strives are thus on the agenda. The outcome of the combination of Aquarius sun with Scorpio ascendant are original and arbitrary persons who prefer taking unusual paths in life. Their inner life is torn and they swing from being very much concentrated on themselves to passionate dedication for others. These people have high ideals as guidelines through life. Especially their determination in aiming at and achieving their dreams is amazing. Ironically, their self-consciousness is rather low which is why they seem to be easily bowled over. There may be times when Aquarius people with Scorpio ascendant retreat mentally and physically as well just to return forcefully and with a lot of energy. Their amazing insight into human nature can be traced back to many disappointing experiences in their past, lived trough especially in the first half of their lives. This sign simply seems to know people at first sight and accordingly may behave reserved every now an then. On the whole people who are born as Aquarius sun with Scorpio rising are loyal and amiable partners. The most important thing is to accept and tolerate that this sign needs to preserve their personal life and a certain liberty as well. Yet, those who are able to do so will be rewarded in return with an honest and loving companion.