Aquarius Sun Cancer Rising | Aquarius Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

Aquarians with Cancer ascendant are dominated by numerous inner conflicts which can be traced back to the duality of the contributing zodiacs. It is not uncommon for Aquarius with Cancer ascendant to be rather unbalanced and people born in this sign are known to change their opinions frequently. Aquarians with Cancer ascendant are often one step ahead of their surroundings thus challenging their environment regularly. Upcoming disagreements are thus on the agenda as friends and family find it hard to understand what is really going on. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Relying more on one's feelings

Prediction is one of Aquarius with Cancer risings gifts. They are sensitive to what is going to happen to themselves, friends and family in the future. Thus agitating their friends frequently this sign seems incapable to make him/herself understood. In order to be clear people with this special astrological mix should listen attentively to their emotions so that they will be able to avoid annoying their friends constantly. It is exactly this gift on the other hand which provides this sign with a deeper insight into people and the ability to adapt to all sorts of situations. These people are therefore welcome guests everywhere and especially with those who they made friends with. Once consistency is achieved between the different aspects and traits of Aquarians sun - man or woman -with Cancer ascendant these people will understand themselves and others much better.

Extroverts are rare

In the combination of the zodiacs Aquarius and Cancer the characteristic attributes are thus diverse that people born in this constellation continuously face inner conflicts. As a result these people frequently suffer from a fundamental emotional and mental unbalance that creates sudden changes of mind problematic to handle for their environment. Only those who have strong minds and who are psychologically mature will achieve a balance between these contradictions. Their environment often fails in handling the sudden breaks in the course of Aquarians with Cancer rising and as a result withdraw. Despite all this vacillating Aquarians with Cancer rising have a fine grasp for what is to come thus being perfectly fitted to think ahead further than their environment and to foresee how things will develop. As they are generally people who take a while coming out of their shell and therefore won't openly display their ability to anticipate things. The surroundings often struggle to make out Aquarians with Cancer rising and their action. It's really easy a thing to put themselves in the position of others because people born in this sign strongly trust their feelings using their fine antenna. The psychological skills of this zodiac are unfortunately often not appreciated at first. As they grow older Aquarians man or woman with Cancer rising become better and better in understanding others and additionally understand themselves eventually. Once this balancing act is successfully done this zodiac will be highly regarded by their environment for their social and emotional skills.