Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Their strong connection to realism characterizes the Capricorn sun with Sagittarius rising who is usually known to be very down-to-earth. This is true for both men and women. Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant often, however, behave a little strange thus provoking a lack of understanding in their environment. Friends are essential for Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant, although their friends will be few throughout all their lives because of the high expectations Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant have towards others. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A lot of positive skills

Capricorn and Sagittarius form a really interesting combination in this zodiac bonding. Although Capricorns are bound astrologically to the earth whereas the Sagittarius belongs to fire they form, when combined, an almost perfect coexistence because Capricorns sense of reality and their down-to-earth attitude perfectly fit with Sagittarius curiosity and idealism. Capricorns with Sagittarius rising combine a lot of positive aspects. First, they have their creative impulse of which they benefit again and again. However, Sagittarius dynamic can also sometimes be subdued by Capricorns down-to-earth personality, a conflict inherent in Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant. But on the positive side, they are saved from jumping to conclusions.

Individualism creates rejection

The connection between fire and earth sign has been a success in the constellation of the Capricorn sun and the Sagittarius ascendant. Thus , Sagittarian man or woman traits like their pronounced sense of reality go hand in hand with Capricorns pursuit of spiritual aims. On the plus side the combination of earth-bound and conservative Capricorn-powers prepare the ground for Sagittarius unconventionality and their forward-looking philosophy, because usually they are such unique persons, who insist on the individuality and sometimes even on them being weirdos. It may happen in the course, however, that these sometimes weird actions of the Capricorn sun with Sagittarius ascendant may be misjudged by their environment, because sometimes they really grab the wrong button. If this happens, they tend to withdraw while being disappointed and seek some solitude. Deep inside, however, they long for being surrounded by people who understand and love them but presumably they will find few very close friends during their lives. Those Capricorns man or woman with Sagittarius ascendant who display more the negative aspects of the combination only pretend to be open-minded and charitable while they are deep inside prejudiced and full of doubt. Normally, Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant are full of joy for life and, in order to get the relationship going, need partners who are equally positive in their personality. Partners should therefore understand the Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendant as extroverts who love to dive into the depth of their tasks and who simply need to explore everything. Ideally, Capricorns with Sagittarius ascendants partners should posses a quite similar personality and share the passion for intellectuals questions. Thus the perfect base for a long-lasting relationship will be laid out where hardly anything can get wrong.