Capricorn Sun Leo Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

There are many different methods how people born as Capricorn with Leo ascendant impress their fellow beings. On the job they are very productive and ambitious for example, but this trait is hidden most of the time from their environment. Capricorn individuals with Leo rising behave as if they were humble, radiating great dignity in the meantime. These utterly honest people are not rarely wrongly assessed. It is in fact surrounded by family and friends where Capricorns open up as this is the place where they feel safe thus coming out of their shell. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Unfreezing surrounded by family

A Capricorn with Leo ascendant leaves great impression through the subtle authority they radiate. On the one hand Capricorns with Leo rising are outgoing but on the other hand they keep staying at a certain distance. Outside of the company of family or friends they do not really warm up to others. It is where they even sometimes show their playful, frivolous traits. Overwhelming passivity will be on the agenda when it comes to looking for a soulmate. In this situation they always decide for the wait and see approach. Sentimentality is something the Capricorn with Leo rising likes others to take the initiative since they are of the opinion that others can perform the task better. It would be a very big mistake, though, to assume that these people are not interested in a relationship at all, for this is exactly not the case. Especially the influence of the Leo rising gives them a sharp eye for all that is beautiful and nice in love.

Depth and endurance

In the combination of the Capricorn sun with the Leo rising a mix of Capricorns extraordinary ability to concentrate and Leos self-confidence is formed. Those born as Capricorns man or woman need to be recognized to act whereas Leo the Lion likes to influence others, and equally to take responsibility. Unusually, this forms a beneficial combination, for especially Leos motivation and his craving for recognition generally lead to significant achievement. This amazing ambition is nevertheless mostly hidden in Capricorn individuals with Leo ascendant by their discreet demeanor that conceals this. Great dignity is part of this signs humbleness and they are characterized as reserved and honest towards others. This reserve will nevertheless be sometimes mistaken for arrogance and haughtiness, although this wrongs the Capricorns with Leo rising. Both men and women have great organizational skills, too. Carefulness and stamina help in realizing big and far-reaching plans. However, on the negative side which my arise now an then they can be very egoistic and bossy and would do anything to be in the spotlight.