Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

An extremely erotic aura which is almost impossible to resist characterizes the Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant. It would be wise, however, to keep one's guard, because the Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant, despite all merits, surely has weak points too. Living in a relation with a Sagittarius sun with Aquarius rising can be hard work as these characters simply love to dominate and take the lead, a trait that puts relationships to the test. Apart from that, Sagittarius' and Aquarius' character traits really harmonize and amend each other to the best advantage. There is of course some disharmony, too, but this is balanced out through the interaction of all other traits. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Don't dictate always

The erotic aura that is part of those who are born as Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant is inconspicuous and therefore they really enjoy this to the full. This is true for both men and women of this astrological combination. Targeted purposefully, they are really hard to resist for the other gender. It is, thus, easy for people with sun in Capricorn, Aquarius ascendant to wrap their chosen around their fingers. They should, nevertheless, be on the guards, because as a soul-mate the Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant can be really demanding.. It actually the case that Capricorns with Aquarius ascendant are inclined to determinate their partners and their whole life. Thus, they risk, losing those whom they love. It is therefore their duty in life to learn to allow a balance of powers in matters of love and apply these basic rule to their own life.

People with good qualities

The combination of the Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant unites the uniqueness and liberal mind of the Aquarius rising with the stubbornness and the determination of the Capricorn sun. This does not make an amazingly perfect mix but other character traits of both signs balance the disharmony out. Aquarius man or woman with their uncommon ideas and progressive world view mix amazingly perfect with the strict and resolute Capricorns as this airy and unconventional rising loosens up the serious Capricorn sun, whereas the orderly Capricorn keeps the volatile Aquarius always down-to-earth. Therefore, this connection creates really humorous people who surely have characters of their own but generally are sociable and efficient. A closer look thus reveals that their manner may be a little strange but the Capricorn individuals with Aquarius ascendant truly have their qualities. There is, nevertheless, an inner discrepancy in them, which is why the Capricorn has difficulties trusting others despite their sociable Aquarius sign. Out of this tensions arise that make dealing with a Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant difficult sometimes.