Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

Courage and ambition are the central motifs in the lives of people born as Capricorn sun with Scorpio ascendant. Regardless of the gender, Capricorns with Scorpio rising display enormous will-power and assertiveness. Once these individuals set their mind on a task, they are easily discouraged and brought off course for they will try forcefully to achieve their aims no matter what it takes even if they have to suffer severe setbacks. Capricorn people with Scorpio ascendant are totally kindhearted but may be misunderstood as reserved and proud. The best solution will be to give them time to open themselves in order to get to know this zodiac closer. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Relationship difficulties

Ambition rules the life of a person who is born as Capricorn sun with Scorpio rising for this zodiac will never admit weakness let alone showing such a thing openly. This is why Capricorns with Scorpio rising always appear to be reserved and cold, causing their environment to stay at a distance. A lot of patience is required to break through their guard and get closer to these people. Once this task will be successfully completed and their environment hadn't been scared off by their aura of distance and reservedness, people who are born as Capricorn man or woman with Scorpio ascendant will be the most loving and loyal partners. It is therefore necessary that these people constrain their ambition not only to help others getting along with them but also to do themselves a favor.

Emotions are rare

The disciplinary character of the earth sign Capricorn overcomes the resistance of the passionate Scorpio ascendant in the combination of the Capricorn sun with Scorpio ascendant. Deep inside however, they will always stay compulsive due to the influence of the Scorpio ascendant no matter how controlled they appear on the outside. Very often indeed their strong physical drive is muted. Thus very determined characters are formed out of the combination of a Capricorn sun with Scorpio ascendant who reach for the stars due to their great ambition and perseverance as well as their amazing courage. They achieve in life what they have set out to achieve against all odds. Setbacks or defeats are taken to increase the amount of effort even more the next time they try to achieve their goals. It would not be wise to underestimate Capricorn sun with Scorpio ascendants will to fighting spirit or self-protection. Equally, irritating this zodiac unnecessarily should be avoided at all costs. Those representatives of this sign who are less self-controlled can be cold and unpitying to the point of being brutal. Capricorns with Scorpio ascendant are famous for their deadpan humor and their heavy sarcasm which may hurt others deeply. There may be passions and empathy in people born as Capricorn sun, Scorpio ascendant but their partners will do better without, for these traits are rarely let out, not even towards their family or partners. Therefore, these people are perceived as difficult lovers, not easy to endure, unless their partner is really deep in love.