Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

Capricorns with Virgo ascendant make the most loyal and true zodiac signs. Highly regarded by their superiors the Capricorn with Virgo ascendant goes great distances once a goal is set and they are always willing to work hard. Financial stability is important for this sign thus Capricorns with Virgo rising are resourceful and manage their money well. Unable to voice their feelings or to be overly passionate they will nevertheless show their best side in a relationship. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Extremely correct and reliable

The combination of a Capricorn with Virgo rising is all about tying determination with conscientiousness, although this sign does not show high self-confidence at all. Gravity is the keyword for this sign. These people are down-to-earth but nevertheless will feel blue quite often. A Capricorn with Virgo rising acts quite unemotional and tends to express open criticism as well as skepticism. Thanks to his sharp eyes nothing is missed which is often perceived as grumbling by his environment. The pettifogging attitude will be expressed through exaggerated economy as well as through being overly detail-oriented and drawn to sideshows. Nevertheless a Capricorn man or woman with Virgo rising in one of the most reliable signs at all. Those who succeed in making friends with Capricorn with Virgo rising are fortunate. People born in this special astrological combination not seldom come from rags to riches due to their great ambition.

A true and loyal companion

Capricorns with Virgo rising are highly estimated by superiors for they are extremely reliable and will go the long way for every given task. In addition to setting really high standards for himself, others may feel ill-treated by Capricorn with Virgo rising for their standards are transferred to them, regardless of the gender. Materialism is important for the Capricorn sun with Virgo rising. They are satisfied only when enough cash is saved for a rainy day. Lucky are those who have a Capricorn with Virgo rising as a companion for in a relationship they are genuine and sincere. Great passion and openly expressed emotions can't be expected of them for they rather leave this to others. Their relationship will be ruled by control and conscientiousness. Important things need to happen so that they would end their aloofness and allow themselves to let go, but they would do anything for their companions well-beings thus showing great reliability.