Capricorn Sun Libra Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

A reserved but also sociable personality is what the people born as Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant are called. These people have extraordinarily good manners and their unobtrusive allurement helps putting themselves in the limelight and, thus, prepare the ground for a successful life. Very interested in all issues of culture, Capricorns with Libra rising cherish the beautiful things in life, because even though people who are born in the constellation of the Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant are known to economize or even to be misers they often find themselves spending more money on luxuries than they have intended. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Rigor is forgiven

Even though the Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant sometimes seems to be really reserving, this aloofness will be easily balanced out through the influence of the sociable nature of the Libra. Capricorns with Libra ascendant take on ambitious targets and expect their environment to go along with this in every sense. It is, therefore, exactly that attitude of expectation that adds an aura of rigor to the Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant but when it comes to the crunch these people can rely blindly on the charming personality they received from the Libra rising. Thus, Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant's rigor will be quickly forgiven as nobody can bear them a grudge for long.

Inner strive

The vigorous discipline of the Capricorn sun is diminished by the influence of the light, airy Libra rising. In addition, Libra's sociability perfectly amends Capricorn's reservedness and thus confers their good manners to the people born as Capricorn sun with Libra rising. In combination with their amazing allurement this traits make a perfect foundation for these people to achieve their aims in life and live successfully. Especially the women who are born in this constellation of the Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant are famous for their good looks. Despite their great, personal ambitions they are in no way ego-centered personalities but are best when working together with others, showing their willing to compromise and goodwill. Capricorn's materialism is focused on the fine things of life in the Capricorn sun with Libra ascendant as these people feel fine surrounded by artistic things. A certain inner strive is created by these astrological combination for people born as Capricorn sun with Libra man or woman are economizing and frugal if not miserly on the one hand but also great lovers of luxury and the fine things in life on the other hand. Furthermore, Capricorn's tendency to retreat gets in conflict with Libra's extroverted emotional life, thus especially their marriage life and relationship matters may be influenced negatively. These people are true and usually have long-lasting relationships but strongly need tangible, precise values as well as a partner who correspond with these values. And such partners, for sure, are not easily found around the corner.