Capricorn Sun Taurus Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

Generally, people born as Capricorn man or woman with Taurus ascendant are valued individuals especially on the job. Despite their conservative attitude, these people are popular and easily make friends. Capricorns with Taurus ascendant are true and reliable when in a relation and expect those qualities from their mates as well. Perseverance and resilience are the keywords for those who are born in this astrological constellation as they are in general very down-to-earth. Changes are observed from a distance at first, as one might expect from conservative people, even if they have long recognized the benefits. This, however, does not affect their amiable characters. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Highly esteemed on the job

On the professional level the Capricorn sun with Taurus rising meets great appreciation from their environment, although they display a conservatism that is not always helpful. Extreme criticism and resistance are shown when confronted with changes or innovations, even though they are aware of the fact that they can not prevent certain things from being changed. In fact, Capricorn people with Taurus rising first and foremost attach top priority to have their own will. As a matter of fact, deep inside they have long realized the advantages brought along by certain innovations. As a partner, Capricorns with Taurus ascendant are reliable and true, skills they will certainly expect from their partners as well. Thus, unfaithfulness or any hurts in matters of love will be difficult to deal. They will take their time to overcome such betrayal. Although they may seem unaffected by grief and sorrow, deep inside they will suffer a lot. It is an honor to call a Capricorns with Taurus ascendant a friend. Those who are close to this zodiac sign are quite lucky because these people will stand ready whenever needed, being utterly true and loyal.

Down-to-earth and conservative

Two earth signs are combined in the Capricorns sun with Taurus ascendant, which is outlived by their tendency to collect tangible goods. It is their perseverance and resilience that characterize the Capricorns with Taurus ascendant and their diligent and sometimes conservative actions. People born in this constellation generally live down-to-earth without being openly sociable, but cherish a life in peace on their own. They are inclined, however, to dwell deep in thought and cling strongly to their opinions. Sometimes, dealing with their environment is hampered by their nature-given perseverance and stubbornness, thus displaying their inflexibility. They are thoroughly conservative people who want to preserve the good by clinging to the tried and tested. This prevents them from being open to new ideas. Their innate reliability will nevertheless prove to be very helpful in certain situations, if used properly. People born in this constellation who have a less developed intellect focus on material things only. Their main concern will be about money-making and property, while they totally neglect higher values.