Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising | Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

Those individuals who are born as Capricorns with Cancer ascendant do their best in everyday life. Ambition is the key as Capricorns with Cancer ascendant are people who are willing to work hard and with stamina. Retreating into home sweet home is essential for Capricorns with Cancer rising as they strongly need their breaks to retreat and recharge their batteries in order to face everyday life again. Sometimes they can appear even a a bit shy, these people can behave reserved and passive. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Regaining strength in silence at home

Unsurprisingly, people born as Capricorns sun with Cancer rising go the distance for they try to give their best performance in every possible situation. These individuals will progress on their job because of their perseverance and willingness to go up the ladder from the bottom. Discipline and steadfastness are properties a Capricorn is gifted with and these are the qualities that impel them to work untiringly. Their Cancer rising provides the necessary vacational moments and the spaces of recreation at home, regardless if the person who was born in this astrological melting pot is male of female. Their own four walls function as their own special place where they fill up with new strength and relax. Expressing their feelings creates difficulties since Capricorns man or woman with Cancer rising have to learn the hard way that emotions are to be allowed as Capricorns influence dominates with its strengths. This is therefore the only way to come to terms with themselves, a trait which is essential for success.

Passivity on the agenda

Ambition is coupled with discipline in Capricorn people and this special mix is completed by Cancers overwhelming emotions, fantasy and delicacy. These people may appear outwardly ambitious but in private they are driven by their emotions thus behaving contradictory.
Equally amazing as complicated the combination of Capricorn with Cancer rising is determined by the duality of Capricorns vigor and Cancers gentleness. Regardless of the persons gender, these people swing from being ruthless and hard to weak-minded and soft. Inner arguments and a certain shyness thus enhances their passivity which may in the worst case impede professional and personal advancement. A fundamental dichotomy can be perceived in their willingness to work in public and in the importance that is put on family life and home. It seems impossible to juggle both interests thus sooner or later one thing will get a raw deal. Capricorns with Cancer rising should admit having feelings therefore. Their thoughts should be directed forward rather than mourning good old times for a certain orientation towards what is going to be is essential to prosper. Companions have number one priority since loyalty and devotion are essential for this sign. They stand behind their partners and will always try to achieve the optimum for everybody.