Gemini Sun Gemini Rising | Gemini Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Gemini sun with Gemini rising are full of energy and open to innovation. They love to make new friends and acquaintances and to discuss everything and anything. As they are very lively, they never really calm down and rarely rest their minds. Geminis with Gemini ascendant live in a constant fear of missing something. Money is highly problematic for these people as they don't care much about it. As long as there is enough money at hand to live, they are content and do without any further care. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Everything is passed on

The Gemini individuals with Gemini rising have a powerful way to live their lives and love to approach other people. They surely have the skill to make new contacts quickly as hell and equally fast struck up a conversation with others. To be born as Gemini sun with Gemini rising means to be very talented in craftsmanship. This helps them a lot in all tasks that require manual skills but even in a conversation, Gemini sun with Gemini ascendant manage to use their hands, reinforcing their words with gestures. In some situations, however, less would be more, as they often manage to make their friends a bit dizzy with all that gesturing. Geminis with Gemini ascendant are fun loving children who display great agility which really makes sitting still a hard task. As their motto is:”It will be early enough to be lazy once I am dead”, these people are interested in almost everything and once something new appears on the agenda, they will be enthusiastically on board in a second. Calming down is a concept the Gemini sun with Gemini man or woman don't think desirable. These people simply love to be on demand at every time.

Vivacious and interested in a lot of things

When the Gemini sun is united with the Gemini ascendant astrologically, all the character traits that belong to the Gemini zodiac sign are doubled, which is why these people never have to suffer from inner strives. This also means that not only the typical Gemini strengths are highlighted in these people but unfortunately also the weakness that is part of the character of this lively sign that belongs to the air element. As Geminis are in general quite vivid people, this character trait are extremely pronounced in the double Gemini sun. Geminis with Gemini ascendant are continually in search of new acquaintances and of people they can chat with about everything and anything. As they are very adaptable as well, Geminis are able to fit in in nearly every circumstances. Double Geminis have the extraordinary skill to settle a dispute or calm down others with simple words or even change their minds. There seems to be only one weakness in the people who are born in this astrological combination: They cannot handle money. As soon as they receive some cash they will instantly spend it. They don't think ahead or build up a buffer for bad times, as they think they will not need it. Luckily, Geminis with Gemini ascendant are never short of cash. They seem to have money whenever they need it and thus are able to to satisfy all their needs.