Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility in Relationship: Man and Woman

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility in Relationship

The relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio is a very impulsive and a very intense relationship as well. This partnership is dominated by jealousy, deep love and extreme sensitivity too, which makes the relationship not so easy. Both want to own their partner completely and are not shying away from using leverage. A Scorpio gives everything in a relationship in both a positive and negative sense. If neither partner is prepared to back off in certain situations, this relationship will become one power struggle and that can be the hell for both.

The daily love horoscope for Scorpio and Scorpio

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Love Compatability: Scorpio and Scorpio ?

In a relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio, qualities such as intensity, sensitivity and jealousy meet with full force and are particularly pronounced. These qualities can lead to a very happy and lasting relationship, but it can also lead to a kind of love-hate relationship that becomes the hell for the Scorpio man and woman. No matter how this relationship develops, it will be a constant challenge for both partners. Both should be aware of this and accept this challenge with one's eyes. It is no coincidence that hardly any other zodiac sign in our zodiac is puzzled as much as the Scorpio. The Scorpio has an unmistakable sense for the dark parts of a person and especially for deeply hidden secrets. This makes the relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio as extraordinary as you can see in the Scorpio love horoscope.

The detailed love horoscope for Scorpio with Scorpio

Both Scorpios expect a love in their relationship that is free of any compromises. In this partnership, supremacy will play a major role, which is why each of the two partners is constantly looking for mistakes in its counterpart. This can lead to a constant exchange of blows, which can easily lead to a bigger problem. Nevertheless, Scorpios are able to express a deep understanding for each other. To this end, however, these constant power games have to be kept to a minimum so that mutual mistrust can increase. If they manage that, this relationship will become a very stable and lasting partnership, which will not be shaken by anything so easily. It is also important that both get a grip on their extreme jealousy.

The Scorpio is not a loner

We hear again and again that Scorpios are called loners, but this does not correspond to the facts. The opposite applies to him, for he almost has a compulsive need for partnership. That is why two Scorpio partners will do everything they can to maintain this relationship. This can become a real trial by fire, especially in this constellation, because everyone wants their partner completely to themselves, and this omnipresent jealousy can really put a great strain on the partnership.

The Scorpio gives everything

In a relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio, both partners will give everything. But the prerequisite for both of them is that love really is involved. But this is by no means a matter of course, because a Scorpio expects a lot from his partner and since two Scorpios have a partnership here, the expectations of both of them are extremely high. In this case, both sides have to make sure that, for the sake of their partner, they put their claim to power in the background. If this does not succeed, this relationship can literally degenerate into a theatre of war in which neither of them will survive.