The horoscope and zodiac sign texts on AstroXL

Almost every newspaper today offers the daily and the weekly horoscope for free, which consists of short and easy-to-read texts that can be applied to practically anyone in any situation. They typically close with some free advice like taking better care of your health, resting more or treading carefully in your job for some days.

Beside that you can find entertaining and seemingly intelligent material about the character of the zodiac signs wherever you go – be it the Internet or a garage sale.

On AstroXL only scientifically substantiated free horoscopes

The truth is that most of the horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are written by an editor who is clueless about astrology but who knows how to write a witty text.

Our goal on AstroXL is to provide nothing but substantiated information. The daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes you find here and which are updated every day are based on planetary transit horoscopes. In this method the current planetary positions are cross-referenced with the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth. This rather limited time reference yields specific transit aspects which, depending on the position of the planets (there are approximately 600 different transits), have a different impact on our lives.

Transit horoscopes are usually created just for one individual. As opposed to that, on AstroXL we generate a profile of the population and with the help of sophisticated computer calculations we establish standard values which we then use for the horoscopes. In doing so we make sure the horoscopes become a reliable forecast for any sign.

The character of a zodiac sign

Since we do our best to specify the characteristics of the signs as detailed as possible, we interviewed more than 3,000 people to obtain relevant data. The results of this extensive survey have been integrated in the character traits as well as in the relationship horoscopes. Also a considerable part of the ascendant information (the ascendant indicates how a person is perceived by others) rests upon that inquiry.

All things considered, you can be sure that any data provided on this page is up to date with the latest astrological research and that it is neither based on hearsay nor on any other copied sources.

From now on, don’t rely on any other horoscopes and astrology texts than those on AstroXL!