Aries Sun Cancer Rising | Aries Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

An Aries with Cancer ascendant may feel easily insulted because of his vulnerability. However, people born with this zodiac sign can't be called squeamish but are rather brimming with energy. High value is put on the social position for Aries people with Cancer ascendant want to achieve a lot in life by all means. In presenting their delicacy and emotionality very often Aries people with Cancer rising will nevertheless be capricious thus challenging their environment over and over again. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Easily offended and hurt

As they are true life wires, people with the combination of Aries sun with Cancer ascendant are on their way to achieve something in life. It is practically all about the social status that this sign is so interested in that Aries people with Cancer ascendant focus on attaining their goals which is why their friends and family often find them grim and angry. It is the Aries-part in these persons that is responsible for the enormous vigor and determination which is, usually, cut off by Cancers influence. This is why Aries with Cancer ascendant can sometimes appear reserved towards others. People born in this astrological combination are not always easy to understand, regardless of their gender. They suffer from this imbalance themselves and not rarely feel torn inside. Their worries about the future as well as a general inner uneasiness can result from this emotional imbalance.
If matters are carried to extremes, people born as Aries with Cancer man or woman may feel like failures in life as they are easily hurt and rapidly affronted.

The importance of the social status

When fiery Aries meets the emotional Cancer rising in the combination of an Aries with Cancer ascendant, an inner dichotomy will be on the agenda. Out of this alternation between these contrasting character traits people born as Aries with Cancer rising develop a moody and sometimes even unpredictable personality that constantly confronts their environment.
Irrespective of their gender, an Aries individual with Cancer ascendants personality benefits from their ability to openly express empathy as well as from their great courage. This courage though is something which gets very helpful in realizing the ideas of these people,thus they simply do their own thing.
Deep inside, all people born in the special mixture of this sign are very determined. It is the Aries influence that may drive them to impatience. However, they focus on presenting themselves as modest individuals in front of others. Thus acting against their own interests the Aries with Cancer ascendant suffers from feelings of being torn inside. Keeping a low profile in this matter, they tend to exaggerate in other situations, taking strong action and expressing selfishness. Sometimes it may even happen that Aries people with Cancer rising cling to their aims grimly in order to attain a special status in society. In the worst case they may even take pleasure in dominating others.