Aries Sun Gemini Rising | Aries Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Aries sun with Gemini rising have quick wits and love to be in charge, especially when they are in the center of attention. Their humorous attitude towards life and their talkative behavior easily degenerate into a flood of words, thus they downright roll over others. They nevertheless almost always reach their aims, due to their persuasiveness, their organizational skills and their diplomatic manner and thus in the end they get what they aimed at. It is only when they are rejected or excluded that these people really feel a heavy knock in their self-esteem and consequently will need some time to handle it. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A flood of words and many ideas

When the Aries sun meets the Gemini man or woman, all character traits of both zodiac signs are combined in a rather harmonious way. The Aries, therefore, cherishes the feeling of being in charge and tears recklessly through the crowd. Thanks to the influence of the Gemini ascendant, Aries' behavior is more structured and enriched by creative ideas, thus the Aries sun with Gemini rising seems to be made to inspire people. Consequently, if they are not rolled over by Aries flood of words they will be more willing to follow. People who are born in this special constellation of the Aries sun with Gemini rising love to be in the center of attention, and act cultured and full of humor. Their own opinion is made clear with every emphasis and they are very attractive for their readiness of mind in discussions and conversations. Criticism is their weak spot as they are easily shaken in their self-esteem when they are excluded or somehow rejected. Thus, they will take time to get over this repulsion.

Gifted with diplomatic and organizational skills

The Gemini people as they belong to the air element have a rather positive effect on the combination of an Aries sun with Geminis ascendant and especially on Aries' fire element which is why both energies harmonize quite well most of the time. This astrological constellation provides the people born with Aries sun and Gemini rising with a lot of humor and the urge to be in the center of things. Aries people with Gemini rising need other people and in consequence suffer a lot when they experience rejection, thus they are very much hurt. Convincing their environment comes naturally to these people as they are born speakers and really know how to deal with others. The influence of both the Aries and the Gemini sign can be seen in their diplomatic skills and their organizational talents which are very pronounced as well as their ability to apply these skills wisely. Aries individuals with Gemini ascendant have excellent and keen perception and a very good general education. Their self-assurance is usually quite good but as they are always in a condition of tension and are always on the go, they are known to be anything but patient as well. Thus, their actions may seem a little nervous, although they will always think first and act second and even contemplate a while before they start their action. They most desire to create something new or to improve something that already exists significantly. However, both men and women who are born as Aries sun with Gemini ascendant should never be cornered as this may wake a certain aggressiveness. As a result, they would start an amazing and radical liberating break without considering boundaries or regulations and thus astonish their environment.