Aries Sun Leo Rising | Aries Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

One of the most impressive traits of Aries individuals with Leo ascendant is their amazingly self-confident appearance. It is exactly this characteristic trait that provides their environment with a special notion of security and this even has some motivating powers, if needed. So, Aries people with Leo ascendant have a given talent for organization and furthermore it is them who always profit most from this talent. Unfortunately, as a consequence Aries people with Leo ascendants general enthusiasm often puts a damper on their emotional life so that consequently love matters or the task of finding a companion fall by the way side. So, the Leo rising which is thoroughly dominant and sometimes even bossy kind of inhibits the Aries sun tremendously in all matters of love life. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Great organizational skills

Through their self-confident behavior Aries people with Leo rising are destined to drag along personalities who are less self-conscious, thus establishing and radiating a special aura of security for others. Aries people with Leo ascendant are talented and courageous and consequently every leadership position will give this sign the chance to do what comes naturally. The main reason for this is that planning and execution were handed down on them from when they were born. Independent of their gender, Aries individuals with Leo rising are to be begrudged for this amazingly organizational genius because they will never be fooled in this field. Best of all, not only Aries with Leo ascendant people but also their environment will be in the positions to benefit greatly from this skill. It should, however, be borne in mind that even in the lives of people born in this lucky constellation some aspects of life will surely suffer or lie idle. This affects their emotional life most of all. But once Aries people with Leo man or woman do not constantly favor their strong will to their emotion, they will surely get their chance to live a happy relationship, love included.

Unleashed passion

Two fire signs are combined in Aries people with Leo ascendant, thus blessing them by a more or less unshakeable self-confidence. Aries performance and Leos self-awareness prepare the ground for these people to make sure that numerous successful tasks are successful and to even awards are won. Nevertheless, this combination of Aries with a Leo ascendant does not only have positive benefits but also shows some negative side-effects, regardless of the person's gender. In general, this means that these people tend to behave in a rather authoritative and haughty way, thus they misuse their nature-given authority. Consequently, people who are gifted with such a lot of natural power inevitably have to learn how to use their potency wisely and focus on the right dose. Inclined to lay claim on the leading position in every situation Aries people with Leo ascendant enjoy controlling and supervising the situation because of their courage and self-confidence. Therefore, their hereditary organizational skill not only yield benefits in life but also requires commitment more than just a few sacrifices. As they wear themselves out in gaining the leading position, Aries individuals with Leo rising run out of the possibility to live a life of love and companionship. Aries individuals with Leo ascendant are nevertheless able to love someone and to express great passion. Fact is that whenever this zodiac concentrates less on being the best manager in the company, unleashed passion will become a constant part of life.