Aries Sun Libra Rising | Aries Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

An Aries sun with Libra ascendant is generally really amiable and friendly, but there may be also a few slight disharmonious when sun and rising collide. Actually, people who are born in this combination constantly feel torn in a way. Being popular and feeling as if they were everybody’s darling, they try to keep everybody happy on the one hand but on the other hand also like to have their way. Usually, an Aries sun with Libra ascendant can be described as an emotional, friendly and charming individual. But to get their way these people can easily switch to a behavior that is hard and tenaciously. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Often stressed and overworked

Zodiac signs that belong to the fire element and the air element usually get along quite well with each other. But in the combination of the Aries sun with Libra ascendant this differs for quite often tensions arise between these two signs. Aries' natural independence and dauntlessness causes big problems as these traits collide with Libra's longing for harmony and cooperation. For the Aries sun with Libra ascendant this means that they are in constant discrepancy as on the one hand they want to keep everybody happy, thus becoming really popular in their environment, and on the other hand they are really interested in imposing their own opinion. This permanent dichotomy characterizes an Aries individual with Libra rising and both men and women are totally aware of this trait. They nevertheless push this insights to the back of their minds, going all out to assert themselves and to be acknowledged. Generally, Aries people with Libra ascendant will be the most sensitive, friendly and amiable fellows who are equally happy to take strong action if necessary. In situations of conflict, Aries sun with Libra ascendant is often prone to manipulate others and thus achieve a position of domination. On the job, these individuals are always more comfortable in taking the lead than taking orders on the job, thus, Aries sun with Libra rising are not really well known for their patience with colleagues. Following their own lead is therefore the best thing to do for an Aries sun with Libra ascendant and they love to do everything on their own. So, they risk taking on too much which is why they are often stresses and overworked.

A bad loser

People who are born as Aries sun with Libra ascendant are generally far ahead of their environment. They know exactly how to defend their rights while they stay sympathetic uncomplicated and simpatico. This is why most people readily follow when an Aries sun with Libra ascendant takes the lead, as their friendly authority is generally appreciated. Their empathy qualifies in addition an Aries sun with Libra man or woman as a great observer of people. This sign is therefore perfect to settle a dispute when arguments arise, thus, satisfying all of the parties. Although Aries people with Libra ascendant show great empathy and understanding for others, they encounter one major problem again and again: They can absolutely not cope with defeat. Losing afflicts them a lot, even though they are playing it cool. They will try to hide their hurt feelings instead and thus cover up the rampage inside.