Aries Sun Taurus Rising | Aries Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Aries Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

The combination of the Aries sun with the Taurus rising is very interesting as both signs are known to have totally incompatible qualities and nearly nothing in common. Aries people with Taurus rising present themselves in two possible ways, thus living close to this sign is not always easy. Sudden outbursts of rage are quite common with an Aries sun with Taurus ascendant, which are rather elusive for their environment. Over the years and when they grow older these outbursts are reduced due to Taurus man or woman calm and serene personality that gains more influence. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Not much in common

Two worlds collide in the combination of the Aries sun and the Taurus ascendant. Both signs are as different as fire and water because the earth sign Taurus is really hard to unite with Aries who is bound astrologically to the fire element. This means that people born as Aries sun with Taurus ascendant are full of the determination, joyousness and energy of the Aries sun as well as characterized by Taurus' realism and perseverance. All character traits in combination create two souls in this sign. Thus, one half of these people hates inactivity and is always looking for action whereas the other half prefers a lazy evening in front of the TV. Sudden outbursts are on the agenda with the Aries sun with Taurus ascendant, thus these people are really hard to live with for their environment. Such outbursts are always sudden and take place for no apparent reason. As Aries people with Taurus rising grow older, this character flaws are diminished but at a younger age they are really pronounced, thus challenging every relationship. It is therefore necessary to be very tolerant or powerful in order to face the people born as Aries sun with Taurus ascendant.

Calmness is restored gradually

Through the years, people born as Aries sun with Taurus ascendant will become calmer gradually. Therefore, the calmness of the Taurus sign becomes more and more important through the years in both Aries women and Aries men, thus soothing their unsteady personalities. It is this change through time that makes more inner balance and peace possible in the lives of people born in this astrological constellation. The Aries sun with Taurus ascendant will nevertheless continue pursuing their set goals with all necessary consequence and already developed tenacity. An ongoing conflict in people born as Aries sun with Taurus rising is caused by the great expectations they have of others but cannot fulfill themselves. This results in self-criticism and turbulence not only in private but also on the job. On the contrary, people who are born in this constellation possess enough self-consciousness to solve and eliminate these problems. It is the Taurus man or woman which ensures that the Aries sun stay its course for actually this sign is really hard to irritate. At a young age Aries people might be real life wires but these people grow more conservative and less spontaneous in their decisions as time goes by and through the growing influence of the Taurus rising.