Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising | Gemini Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant are perfectly enthusiastic with other people and really know how to attract them. This is why the Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant will be found always at the center of attention of every party or feast as they are born storytellers. In this astrological constellation, individuals are known to have a sharp mind and instantly suss their environment out. A Gemini sun with Aquarius rising can be seldom deceived by another human, even if they try to dazzle them instead of turning their words into action. There is never a boring moment in the life of a Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant because they are very active and energetic people. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A penetrating mind

In Gemini people with Aquarius ascendant two astrological signs meet that belong to the air element and thus have the keen mind of the Gemini and the intuitive intelligence of the Aquarius sign in their characters. Both traits are responsible for their really good horse sense. A Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant would never be fooled by someone who just talks but never acts as these people really see through such a person. Geminis with Aquarius man or woman, regardless of their gender, are highly temperamental people with an amazing charm, and they unite all traits the perfect entertainer should have. Surrounded by a large group, at feasts and parties, these people are best and suddenly find themselves in the center of attention with everybody listening very attentively as the Gemini sun with Aquarius rising enthusiastically tells an interesting and funny story. Close friends really appreciate these character trait as well.

The unruly mind entertains best

In the constellation of the Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant a lot of areas of everyday life really match. Both signs are able to think in a rather structured way and always use their intellect. In general, the Gemini sun will be more on the theoretical side whereas Aquarius ascendant introduces the experience and an innovative mind. As they are generally very active and energetic individuals, the Gemini sun with Aquarius ascendant, may also be called unruly because people with these traits truly need their unruly minds in order to become excellent entertainers whom everybody simply loves. The uniqueness and creativity of the Aquarius man or woman can also be perceived in the stories they tell, which is why people who are born with these rising may really often feel themselves surrounded by listeners with mouths wide open and rapt attention. The Geminis with Aquarius ascendant have in general an amazing horse sense. This is provided on the one hand by Geminis excellent mind and on the other hand by Aquarius psychological skills. It is, therefore, almost impossible to fool these people or even to deceive them. If anyone should unexpectedly fool this sign, Geminis with Aquarius ascendant will react with utter disappointment and keep that unfair behavior in mind for very long. In most occasions, they will simply see through those people in future.