Gemini Sun Aries Rising | Gemini Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

When the Gemini sun meets an Aries ascendant the two elements air and fire are united and usually form an harmonious bonding. It is the Aries ascendant that provides the Gemini with more thirst for action than usual and helps getting from theory, which is definitely Gemini's specialty, to practice. Together with the help of the Aries ascendant, Gemini people will now be able to put words into action. In addition, there is free delivery for the charming personality in all Aries people which seems to come naturally into the combination of the Gemini sun with Aries ascendant. Thus, it is easy for the people born in this constellation to win the hearts of the people in their environment. It is therefore really helpful for the Gemini sun to have the Aries ascendant as long as this special energy is used wisely. As they grow older, these people more and more learn to use their skills in a reasonable and responsible way. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A doubled amount of luck

People who are born as Gemini sun with Aries man or woman can be pleased with a double amount of luck in their lives. Both men and women of this combination are gifted through the Aries rising which brings a lot of charm into this connection and gives them courage and agility in addition. Thus ideally equipped, many doors will open for them, especially those who lead to peoples' hearts. Normally, People who are born as Gemini sun with Aries ascendant are said to be highly talented speakers and amazing architects of their castles in the air. Additionally, they are known to dream a lot and have a very rich fantasy. But they are also known to fail in making real what they volubly announced before. The influence of the Aries ascendant ensures, however, that there will be enough thirst for action and ambition in the constellation to quickly let follow words with deeds. Geminis with Aries ascendant therefore have many positive influences in their lives thanks to their Aries ascendant.

Elements of harmony united

In the combination of the Gemini sun with an Aries ascendant the air element is united with the fire element in a rather harmonious way. People who are born in this constellation show great thirst for action and an amazing readiness of mind. This combination of zodiac signs provokes people to call to action immediately and not putting important issues off as long as possible like Geminis usually do. Geminis with Aries ascendant are not afraid of challenges even if they are highly complicated. The influence of the Aries ascendant makes the Gemini sun productive and powerful. The Gemini sun, however, contributes the richness of imagination to the astrological mix. Gemini people with Aries ascendant distinguish themselves by their intelligence, vitality and sociability. Surrounded by a lot of other people they easily take on the role of the entertainers. Sometimes it can happen, though, that they take their role too serious and miss that their environment has long ago stopped listening. Geminis with Aries ascendant should better keep their eyes on striking a balance while telling their stories in order to avoid losing others. As they grow older they will become more relaxed and reasonable in this.