Gemini Sun Leo Rising | Gemini Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

A given authority and a strong personality are the keywords for people born as Gemini sun with Leo ascendant. This sign is pretty much destined to secure peace and calmness in every situation which can be highly beneficial in a relationship with Gemini sun with Leo rising for example. Gaining the confidence of a companion thus is easy and ensures real happiness. Geminis with Leo man or woman take center stage willingly whereas Leos typical need for control is softened by Geminis character hence dealing with them gets really tolerable. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Strong personalities

In the combination of Gemini sun and Leo ascendant the essence of both zodiacs is united and form a harmonious synthesis. People born as Aries sun with Leo ascendant can exert a dominant influence on others because of their natural given authority. This implies that the persuasive nature of the Gemini sign gets even more powerful due to Leos firmness thus providing the ground for an extra-dominant personality. Alongside their dominant behavior, typical for Leo, great peace and tranquility radiates from Geminis with Leo rising due to the influence the Gemini zodiac has on this constellation. Consequently, relationships with people born as Geminis with Leo ascendant will be usually of a relatively calm nature as this zodiac understands their companions, taking their opinions and needs seriously. Out of this understanding, confidence is build which makes a social basis for a fulfilling relationship. Geminis with Leo ascendant are committed to the task of spreading peace and harmony and hence they will make their partners very happy.

Harmonious bonds between zodiac and rising

In the combination of the zodiac sign Gemini and the Leo ascendant great harmony prevails between zodiac and its rising. Geminis are rather lively and intellectually agile people who have their feet on the ground due to Leos strength and reign in this constellation. Geminis have the natural gift to convince others using words enhanced by Leos influence. The Leo rising moreover makes sure that Geminis calm down and get some extra peace and quietude. Always out to find the spotlight Geminis with Leo ascendant build a strong basis to stick to their work and convince others who are less self-confident. In contrast, Leos desire for power and sovereignty is softened by Geminis smooth and friendly personality thus even soothing Leos tendency to show off. It comes naturally to people with Gemini sun and Leo rising that they really need to feel recognized and have success but they will always achieve this aim by using their minds rather than through playing power plays. As long as the even succeed in radiating peace and tranquility they will get far in life for their astrological chart provides the necessary qualifications.