Gemini Sun Libra Rising | Gemini Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Gemini sun with Libra ascendant are extremely popular among their environment. But with popularity not always being a blessing, this gift may leave these people overextended. All the obligations they have towards friends and acquaintances may overcharge them as they always try to deliver their promises. Gemini individuals with Libra ascendant are great entertainers as their witty behavior enriches every party or sociable round. On the long run, though, dealing with a Gemini sun with Libra ascendant can take its toll because these people who are born in a rather special constellation never really come to a rest. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Appearances may be deceiving

Both contributing signs, the Taurus and the Libra, are connected to the air element which is why these astrological combination of the Taurus sun with Libra ascendant is mostly free from discontinuities or oppositions. Taurus sun and Libra ascendant are in combination even more talkative than the Gemini sun is on their own, and therefore these people simply long for grand gatherings where they can make even more and new friends, talking all night about all possible topics. Logic is the keyword in this context for they tend to approach things from a realist perspective. The Gemini sun with Libra ascendant, regardless of their gender, are perceived from the outside as very open-minded and sympathetic They will be in the center of attention at every party or round of people because of their witty and imaginative characters, thus representing a real benefit in every occasion. Behind the facade of the favorable Gemini sun with Libra ascendant is often found a characters less interesting than imagined at first. Skills that are important to have in everyday life are less pronounced in Geminis with Libra ascendant. After lengthy times in company of these people some people may prefer these double air zodiac sign to simply hold their tongues. Problems arise when a Gemini sun with Libra ascendant has to take a decision. Sometimes, though, it will be necessary to hold a pistol to their head in order to make them coming to a clear-cut decision or to find an urgent solution. Generally, however, they tend to postpone decisions as long as possible,.

There may be harm in great popularity

Being everybody's darling is a concept well-known by the Gemini sun with Libra ascendant but this is exactly what can be fatal. Their great popularity makes the Geminis sun with Libra rising that busy that maintaining old friendships or meeting the obligations they have towards friends and family are postponed as well as all that is new in their lives keeps them from performing their respective duties and promises they have given. Finding a good balance should therefore be the central topic because even a Gemini sun with Libra ascendant can of course not be in two places, regardless of their gender, and therefore has to learn to say no sometimes when asked to do a favor to someone. They do not need to worry about their popularity in the meantime as these people stay loved by everyone even if they withdraw now and then. The key for the Gemini sun with Libra man or woman will be to remember that it will be even worse not to keep their promises than to deny a request.