Gemini Sun Pisces Rising | Gemini Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

There is much good to be found in people born in Gemini with Pisces ascendant, while at the same time the contradictions that are obvious in this sign may put antagonistic influences on the agenda.
The Gemini man or woman is an air sign dominated more or less by rationalism, whereas Pisces as the water sign always highly emotional.
Geminis with Pisces ascendant are of two minds revealing a multitude of positive character traits but at the same time will be inclined to self-doubt which can cause severe mood swings.
As they totally tend to put off important decisions, they continuously confuse their surroundings, creating bewilderment around them for people often don't know what to expect. But learn more about their characteristics now.

The most tender mate

People born with sun in Gemini with Pisces ascendant can by no means be considered daredevils, regardless of their gender. Their astrological constellation normally turns them into perceptive, romantic and delicate partners with most imaginative character traits.
A Gemini with Pisces ascendant relies on their instincts rather than being great strategists, which usually puts them on track. People born in Gemini with Pisces ascendant reveal a certain dreaminess combined with a rich imagination.
Yet, that does not make these individuals missing real life, for they truly try to make their dreams come true!
Although they normally are inclined to hide it people born in Gemini with Pisces ascendant are very open minded thanks to their ability to change.

Inner conflicts are inevitable

Inner conflicts are absolutely inevitable for people born in this constellation.
It may not be very surprising though that the Gemini sign is ruled by rationalism and the Pisces sign by the emotional side
The key phrases for this sign are severe self-doubt and moodiness, two-character traits that often prevent them from coming to a decision.
It is this hesitant behavior which causes most problems. Thus, being unable to react to a changing environment they often come to miss great opportunities. Sometimes, they even appear indecisive.
Furthermore, it is this passive nature of the Pisces ascendant that puts a strong damper on the winning personality of the Gemini sign, which also explains why most people born under this astrological constellation take a bit when it comes to making friends.