Gemini Sun Sagittarius Rising | Gemini Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Cosmopolitanism is the keyword for Taureans with Sagittarius rising for this zodiac simply loves to be helpful. Geminis with Sagittarius ascendant are famous for their good manners, which guarantees a social status highly appreciated by this sign and provides the positive side effect that nearly everybody seems to like them. Sometimes, however, their environment may get the impression that they are restless and harried. And that appearance is not deceiving for people born as Taurus sun with Sagittarius ascendant are always on the lookout for new experiences. Regardless of their gender, these people are full of an inner restlessness because they seem to be only happy when they are out to new experiences and adventures. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Out into the world

Both contributing zodiacs in the constellation of Gemini sun with Sagittarius ascendant love changes and do never hesitate to strike out to new paths or even try something completely different. All Geminis are characterized by a certain restlessness which makes it difficult for them to get the necessary breaks as well as relaxing time. They are willing and also able to change a lot of things in their lives because they do certainly not lack the necessary courage, power and conviction. Drawn into far-off lands, people born in the combination of Gemini sun and Sagittarius ascendant love traveling and meeting other cultures. Furthermore they are always out to broaden their horizon and gain new impressions. Geminis with Sagittarius ascendant do not shy away from traveling the most remote corners of the earth in order to make new adventures. All that is unknown will be experienced with all senses and the experience will afterwards be told, eyes shining and utterly proud.

Full of joy and love for adventure

When the Gemini sun meets the Sagittarius rising and both zodiacs are combined, the air sign Gemini collides with the fire sign Sagittarius. Thus, change is the keyword for both signs as well as the will to create and contribute to these changes actively. Furthermore, these people are destined to fee a strong inner restlessness and impatience is on the agenda throughout their lives, but this does not at all create negative or disturbing feelings in their environment but on the contrary will be mostly accepted, and sometimes people are almost touched by this character trait. Geminis with Sagittarius ascendant are full of joy and positive thinking, thus approaching others without any prejudice. Truth is, that their good manners help a lot as well as their extraordinary candor. Geminis with Sagittarius ascendant are overall friendly and popular persons, reaching their full potential surrounded by others.
On the job this can be very advantageous which is why people born in this zodiac sign are out to be in a leading position. These people benefit greatly from the vantage of their exemplary perceptiveness and the usual disarming sincerity they radiate. It is a fact that Geminis with Sagittarius rising are totally enthusiastic about changes. It is true for all areas of life that these individuals love to discover new things. A lot of their joie de vivre would vanish without their lives constantly changing and, in addition, Geminis with Sagittarius ascendant would then take life much to tedious. This is especially true for the relationship of Gemini man or woman with Sagittarius ascendant and therefore the respective companion should bear in mind how important changing is in their partner's life. Those who are interested a lifelong relationship with a Gemini sun with Sagittarius rising will have to offer a lot in order to satisfy them.