Gemini Sun Taurus Rising | Gemini Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

In this constellation, the Taurus rising influences the Gemini sun by breaking up Geminis personality and relaxing their attitude to life without losing their sense of reality. In fact, Geminis who are under Taurus rising's influence are more and more able to enjoy the human joys and pleasures. Thus, the sociability of people born as Gemini sun with Taurus rising is further increased since the Taurus ascendant is already the most sociable of all signs. These people enjoy being surrounded by others because they are individuals who can talk for hours, as long as a certain intellectual level is kept. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Going through life without being bored
When the Gemini sun is combined with the Taurus rising most of the time the outcome is a successful one as these people happen to be energetic and friendly. The influence of the Taurus rising introduces more peace into Gemini's jumpy personality thus keeping these people down-to-earth. Observed from the opposite viewpoint, the Gemini influence breathes new life into the Taurus rising's ponderous and cumbersome character which forces this sign to come out of their shell. People who are born as Gemini man or woman with Taurus ascendant are rather realistic people who are prone to savor life, art and sensual pleasures. So, when the Gemini sun is united with the Taurus ascendant an interesting combination will be created, destined to lead a rather exciting life. Quite often people born in this special astrological combination seek careers in all fields of art and especially as actors.

Pronounced sociability

The sociability of the Gemini sun is particularly pronounced and can thus be found also in the combination of a Gemini sun with Taurus ascendant. This can be traced back to the Taurus sign's influence that enjoys being surrounded by people too, so that both signs easily agree on this. Gemini people with Taurus ascendant are quite hospitable persons, who love to talk and usually display a clever mind. They surely expect their environment to be sophisticated and that they show a certain degree of style. However, they hold their cards close to the vest and only disclose a minimum despite their sociability and talkativeness. In doing so they display an amazing tactical cleverness which helps achieving their set goals. As can be already observed in people with Taurus sun, people with Gemini sun and Taurus ascendant strongly stand in for all the things they have achieved in life. It is this special astrological combination that unites the pursuit of pleasure and property, typical for the Taurus sign with Geminis mind whereas the Taurus traits have a strong influence on the Gemini, relaxing and cheering them up at the same time these people build a bridge between their important sense of reality and the inclination of this sign to the sensual pleasures on the other hand.