Gemini Sun Virgo Rising | Gemini Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Gemini Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

Rationalism and seriousness are the key phrases for people born in Gemini with Virgo ascendant which is why on the surface they appear reserved. Emotions thus are viewed from a very critical point of view. They feel uneasy with too many emotional outbursts for Gemini with Virgo ascendant need things to be tangible and precise. Individuals born in this constellation are hardworking and usually highly intellectual with good educational backgrounds. Back in their childhood days already their versatility came out as they were very inquiring. Their philosophy may however someday encounter miscomprehension from others. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Liability to perfectionism

People born as Gemini man or woman with Virgo rising have an aura of imbalance between feelings and intellect for then Geminis logical reasoning is doubled with Virgos analytical talent. For the most part this concentrated academic potential may seem favorable but on the other side of the coin individuals born as Gemini with Virgo ascendants exterior often appears unemotional and reflective. Regardless of their gender, people born in this combination tend to be adequately educated. Thus it may happen that Geminis sun with Virgo rising plod along one single task or field missing a lot. This restrictive view may enable a philosophy which can be disconcerting for others. Geminis with Virgo ascendant are highly estimated for their hardworking attitude alongside their inventiveness since their ideas are destined to be realized. Geminis talkativeness isn't reduced by Virgos influence at all. Only the issues discussed are single-layered as especially when it comes to emotional questions Geminis tend to stay quiet. If addressed with emotionality and sentiment this sign may react with speechlessness. It's hard for people born in this sign to cope with failure for they do expect everything to be perfect.
In such a case they do not withhold criticism but instantly start looking for a culprit.

Grim and bitter

Just as any person, Gemini man or woman with Virgo ascendant have their own mind. They feel particularly uneasy around emotional people for this contradicts their analytic approach they need to put everything through their paces. Thus they can't make much of emotions for this is something that cannot be explained rationally. This is also why they can't cope with everything that seems to be not tangible or logical. Such things simply doesn’t fit into their concept of the world. Gemini people with Virgin rising may have a chilly aura or reservedness and they endeavor creating things perfectly which sometimes lets them appear grim and bitter. A culprit is thus found very fast once things take a different course.
Acceptance will be the most important task for the friends of a Gemini with Virgo rising. Once friendship is achieved, they are the most loyal friends and wonderful persons to talk to.