Astrological Zodiac Signs and Their Compatibility in love

Astrological Zodiac Signs and Their Compatibility in love

It is common knowledge that astrology comprehends more than one system of divination. The most important teachings in this field are the Western astrology, the Chinese astrology, the Indian astrology and the Native American astrology. Each method has its own zodiac signs, based on which the love horoscopes and the astrological love compatibility, which are both quite popular nowadays, are created. In other words, the zodiac signs are absolutely essential for the creation and the interpretation of a horoscope. A proper analysis of the zodiac signs can generally help to gain a better understanding of one's own personality as well as of other people's ways, so it is legitimate to say that the horoscope can add to improving the harmony in all kinds of relationships, especially among couples and family members.

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The etymology and history of astrology

The word “astrology” is originally derived from Greek and means “account of the stars”. Astrology signs, which in short deals with the correlation between stellar constellations and events on earth, must not get confused with astronomy, which refers to the mere observation of celestial objects. Over the past millennia, astrology has become an umbrella term for different concepts in this area. A key element of astrology is the horoscope with the different astrological signs. Astrology claims to determine certain aspects of a person's character and to foresee future events with the help of a horoscope, which is based on the position of planetary object and on a specific timeline. According to that assumption, the destiny of every human being is closely interconnected with the horoscope and can therefore be predicted or explained by looking at the constellations of stars and planets at a certain moment in time. However, it is of paramount importance that certain astrological factors are interpreted correctly in the interpretation of a horoscope. In Western astrology there are basically two ways of approaching the horoscope creation, which is the hourly astrology on the one hand and the prediction of future events on the other.

Analysis based on the birth horoscope

The birth horoscope is the basis for the horoscope interpretation in Western astrology. The birth chart shows the planetary positions in the different astrological signs and highlights the aspects or angular relationships between these planets. It also looks at the ascendant and the astrological houses. Astrology can be applied to dig into every aspect of life, but the post popular ones are without a doubt the astrological love compatibility and the astrological love horoscope. These two shed a light on all love and relationship issues and help to get a better understanding of one's own peculiarities and of those of the partner. The insight provided by these horoscope types improves the harmony in all kinds of human relationships, especially among couples, parents and children and family members in general. Only if someone fully understand himself and his counterpart he can recognize their needs and react upon it accordingly.

Origins of astrology

The origins of Western astrology can be traced back to pre-Christian times in Babylonia, ancient Egypt and the kingdom of Assyria. When compared with the systems followed in the Chinese, the Indian and the Native American astrology, there are considerable differences in the approach of the matter. Especially the Chinese astrology is based on elements than have very little in common with the Western system. Not only does the Chinese astrology use different zodiac signs for their horoscope, but it also emphasizes much more the character analysis than the interpretation of events within a certain timeline.