The Celtic Zodiac Signs  / The Celtic Tree Circle

The Celtic Zodiac Signs

The Celts always tried to use their understanding of natural cycles as their basis for predicting the future and so the druids studied all the changes in nature very thoroughly to learn from them and to draw useful conclusions. Trees were held in especially high esteem in Celtic societies and that is why the trees served as the foundation of the Celtic horoscope. The underlying system is quite simple: The Celts assigned 20 human qualities to 20 different tree species and assigned every tree to a specific time windows along the year. Most of the trees refer to two-time windows because the Celtic calendar year is divided into the light half and the dark half.

Celtic druids and trees

As opposed to the classical astrological approaches, which use animals, stars or human archetypes as their zodiac signs to represent human character types, Celtic astrology and Celtic zodiac signs uses trees to do so. The Celtic druids elaborated the tree horoscope based on their belief that the tree is a symbol of life. In their understanding, man could not survive without nature and especially not without trees, as they deliver oxygen and food. Therefore, it was imperative to the Celts to honor and worship everything nature gave to the human society and so the Celtic tree horoscope, which uses different species of trees to assign them to the different human character traits, can be seen as an expression of gratefulness towards nature.

Trees were sacred

According to the pagan belief of the Celts, a Celtic tree circle was sacred because they nurtured man and they were the houses of gods. Trees were as unique to them as the human beings and they were convinced that both trees and humans needed similar external conditions to grow and to prosper and to become a powerful and healthy element of their micro-cosmos. In the Celtic vision of the world, every tree had its individual personality traits which were comparable to human character features, and so they decided to assign human beings to trees in accordance with the character traits represented by these trees.

Same trees for two-time windows

In the Celtic tree horoscope and the Celtic zodiac signs, the year is divided into two halves, which again are subdivided into time windows, each of which is assigned to a certain tree species. This is why the same tree can appear in both halves of the year.

The Apple Tree is a symbol for love in the Celtic horoscope, as it represents the power of attraction of a person born between December 23 and January 1 or between June 25 and July 4. People who are born under the Celtic zodiac sign of the Apple Tree are flirtatious characters who enjoy living for the moment.

The Fir Tree, which is assigned to the period between January 2 and January 11 and between July 5 and July 14, represents qualities like unselfishness and a sense of aesthetics. Individuals that are born under the sign of the Fir Tree are generally very humble and altruistic but also rather moody and stubborn.

Next in the Celtic horoscope is the Elm Tree, which covers the time between January 12 and January 24 and between July 15 and July 25. It stands for high intelligence, sense of humor and practical skills. People who are born under that sign are ambitious and sophisticated and they like to dress well, as their looks are very important to them.

The Cypress stands for the period between January 25 and February 3 and between July 26 and August 4. Individuals that are born under the sign of the Cypress are usually very optimistic and have a great sense of humor. Appreciation and healthy family relationships matter a lot to them and they are loyal, faithful and benevolent to their friends and to all the people they love.
After that comes the Poplar Tree, which is assigned to three-time windows altogether. These are February 4 to February 8, May 1 to May 15 and August 5 to August 13. People with the Celtic sign of the Poplar Tree are said to be insecure, very sensitive and always in need of a shoulder to lean on, but with the right person at their side they can be very reliable and trustworthy.

The next tree in Celtic Tree Circle is the Cedar, which covers the time between February 9 and February 18 and between August 14 and August 23. The Cedar represents confidence and resolve. Individuals that are born under the sign of the Cedar are natural fighters who withstand any setback and never get discouraged.

The period between February 19 and February 28 and between August 24 and September 2 are assigned to the Pine Tree. People with that Celtic tree sign are resilient and very organized. They fall in love easily and their promiscuous attitude makes them quite particular.

The Willow Tree represents the period between March 1 and March 10 and between September 3 and September 12. People who have this symbol of melancholy as their birth sign are very sensitive and artistically inclined individuals. Most of the time they feel misunderstood and unappreciated and tend to laps into a deep feeling of loneliness.

The Lime or Linden Tree in the Celtic horoscope is related to the time between March 11 and March 20 and between September 13 and September 22. People who are born under that sign are calm and composed, sometimes also a bit languid, and avoid stress and haste whenever they can.

Next in line in the Celtic horoscope is the Oak Tree, which is the most worshiped tree in the Celtic tradition. It is assigned to only one day, March 21, and therefore only very few people are given the honor of being born under the sign of the Oak Tree, which according to the Celtic belief is the symbol of strength, courage, health and beauty.

After that comes the Hazelnut Tree, which is referred to the period between March 22 and Match 31 and between September 24 and October 3. People who are born within these time windows are very charming and undemanding and they stand out for their humane character.

The Rowan Tree is assigned to the time between April 1 and April 10 and between October 4 and October 13. It is a symbol of perseverance, strength, sensitivity and adaptiveness. People who are born under that sign are usually seen by their loved ones as a bridge over troubled water.

The Maple Tree refers to the period between April 11 and April 20 and between October 14 and October 23. People who are born under the sign of the Maple Tree are usually careful, tidy, a bit coy and independent.

The Walnut Tree, which is assigned to the time between April 21 and April 30 and between October 24 and November 11, stands for an unrelenting character. People who are born under that sign are passionate and full of contrasts.

The next tree in the Celtic zodiac is the Chestnut Tree, which symbolizes honesty and refers to the period between May 15 and May 24 and between November 12 and November 21. People who are born under the sign of the Chestnut Tree show a strong sense of justice and have a wide range of interests.

The Ash Tree covers the time between May 25 and June 3 and between November 22 and December 22. The Ash Tree represents great ambition and popularity. People with that Celtic sign are very vivacious, impulsive and sociable, although they don't care much about other people's opinions.

The hornbeam, which the Celts assigned to the period between June 4 and June 13 and between December 2 and December 11, stands for good taste, good looks and a cool, distant beauty. People who are born into these time windows are sophisticated individuals, who due to their rational personality and their discipline are usually very successful.

The next tree in the Celtic horoscope is the Fig Tree. It refers to the time between June 14 and June 23 and between December 12 and December 21. People with this tree sign are private and sensitive, but also strong, self-willed and independent. They are not friends with everyone, but they don't care about their popularity as long as their family is intact.

Another very important tree in Celtic Tree Circle is the Birch tree, which also is assigned to only one day of the year, June 24. People who are born under the sign of the Birch Tree are inspired characters who are free of presumption and who have excellent manners. They love being outside in the arms of Mother Nature and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.