Descendant Aquarius – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Aquarius – Meaning and Characteristics

People with the descendant Aquarius are quite balanced people who have a big heart. But they are also very convinced of themselves and wish only the best for themselves, because they think that nothing else is due to them. But the person with the descendant Aquarius can also be very sensitive and vulnerable and especially disappointments in love affairs make this person difficult to deal with. In spite of all kindness it is always possible that a person shows a strong egoism and wants to attract attention. Internally, however, these people long for a stable partnership and a safe haven.

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Search for a safe haven

The meaning and characteristics of a person with the descendant Aquarius is self-confidence and generousness, but also needs a strong partner at his side who can show him his limits. The ideal partners for people with descendants of Aquarius are those who have an idealistic disposition and can keep up with its strong character. A person with the descendant Aquarius is the opposite of an Ascendant and is quite able to be loveable and to show his warm heart to his partner. A person born in descendant Aquarius can be very sensitive and react too deeply to disappointments, especially in love matters. A person with this descendant likes to flirt, but the partner doesn't have to take that very first, because it is just for self-affirmation and out of sheer joy of life. As a rule, a person is very faithful to the descendant Aquarius and deeply connected to his partner when he feels his love. These people prefer a stable partnership, but it should never be boring. In a relationship with descendant Aquarius you have to be careful not to get too far into the contrast between closeness and distance and between free space and interrogation. Independence and freedom play an important role in the lives of these people, but they also seek security and a safe haven.

In love with oneself and impulsive

The descendant Aquarius is a very balanced person with a big heart, who can shape well, but also radiates a lot of authority. Deep down in his heart, this person is very convinced of himself and claims for himself only the best that is due to him according to his understanding. A person with the descendant Aquarius likes to set the tone and yet is very sympathetic towards others. But through this descendant, which lies exactly opposite the ascendant Leo, egoism can also strongly come to the fore and attract attention with its imposing behavior and wastefulness. Unfortunately, a human being with the descendant Aquarius very quickly becomes a despot, if not everything runs as he imagines it to. This person hardly knows any restrictions and thriftiness, and he needs a lot of space next to himself. He always has to prove his strength to himself and others, wants to do everything on his own. Above all, however, he wants to be primarily independent and this applies to all areas of life. A partnership with a person born in the descendant Aquarius can therefore not always be easy, because he always wants to be the center of attention. Both the man and the woman with this descendant are considered very self-confident, courageous and full of ideals. But he is also addicted to pleasure and in most cases very much in love with himself and quite impulsive.