Descendant Aries – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Aries – Meaning and Characteristics

For people with the descendant Aries – the opposite of an Ascendant, partnership plays an important role in life. They need this partnership to learn for their future lives and to control their inner conflict. This is important because a person with Descendant in Aries tends to fall very quickly from a high spirit into a deep depression. It is also important for these people that they always maintain sufficient contacts beyond the partnership and the occupation and thus provide for the necessary alternation in their life, because the meanings and characteristics of these zodiac sign shows, that only satisfaction arises.

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Partnership plays an important role

For people whose descendant is Aries, the partnership plays an important role in life. This is especially important for the development of one's own personality. With the descendant Aries, however, one always wavers in one's own interests and it is difficult to find a middle way in a relationship. On the one hand, a characteristic is that they want to take a leading role, but on the other hand, they also want to adapt strongly in order to maintain peace and harmony in the relationship. Whoever was born with descendant in Aries needs an active person at his side with whom one can do a lot. Beyond partnership, these people also need many contacts to other people who go beyond the areas of partnership and profession. These people are always looking for a lively relationship that is not only varied but also exciting. Therefore, there is always a certain danger for the relationship, because you can get bored quickly and then look for a balance in other areas of life. For example, it is typical for these people to plunge deeply into their work and then neglect their partner. It is also increasingly possible that the inner restlessness of a person with descendant Aries can lead again and again to disputes within the relationship and this can happen without any previous signs.

Constant inner conflict

Looking at descendant Aries' characteristics, it can be seen that these people always fluctuate between pride, self-esteem, assertiveness and the need for adaptation. Both are important, but the right balance has to be found and this is often difficult. Many people with the descendant in Aries flourish better in a difficult partnership because they are challenged more. Disappointments are not easily dealt with by a person with descendant Aries and he deals with them for a very long time. These people always oscillate between disillusionment and new enthusiasm and this always leads to an inner conflict. So, it is not uncommon for these people to fall from an emotional high mood very quickly into a deep depression. Whoever was born in descendant Aries can learn a lot for the rest of his life in a partnership. However, it is important to accept and meet this challenge. Only in this way is it possible to grow with one's tasks. These people have to learn that you shouldn't act inconsiderately out of an emotional depression and that decisions should always be thought through thoroughly.