Descendant Cancer – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Cancer – Meaning and Characteristics

A characteristic of the descendant Cancer is simplicity and matter-of-fact, but is constantly looking for love, tenderness and security. They can put themselves very well into the feelings of other people, but very often they run the risk of neglecting themselves and their own needs. A descendant Cancer always carries an inner tension in itself, because in time they no longer find the boundary between caring for others and caring for themselves. This leads to these people developing a feeling of loneliness over time and then becoming harsh and hostile towards their fellow human beings.

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Own dissociation can suffer

People with the descendant Cancer are the opposite of an Ascendant and they are sober and matter-of-fact. However, the meaning is that they are looking for love, security and protection in their partnership and need a lot of tenderness. However, it is often the case that the respective partner does not know anything about these wishes and needs, because the descendant Cancer does not speak so much about it. He needs a lot of time to gain trust and only when he constantly feels this love, he is also able to open himself with time. A person with descendant Cancer has to struggle to reveal his own feelings, but recognizes very precisely the needs and feelings of the other. Somehow these people are always anxious to live in complete harmony with their partner. However, there is a great danger that you will not be able to define yourself properly anymore. To be more precise, this means that one still takes an interest even when it is no longer good for oneself and certain limits have long since been crossed. Then it happens that a person with the descendant Cancer reacts very abruptly, even though he himself is actually a very sensitive person.

Just let things run free

There is always a great inner tension in a person with descendant Cancer. This tension exists between the desire for care and one's own personal demarcation. If you get too involved with your partner or other people, this increases your own insecurity. Often these people then no longer even know whether it is right to take more care of others or to take more care of themselves. Emotions can be suppressed quickly and this eventually leads to a feeling of loneliness. These people therefore need someone at their side to support them in their goals or at least to participate emotionally in them. It is important for a descendant Cancer person that they learn to be open and to give free rein to the things of life. It is simply not possible to always only intervene in a corrective way. Only in this way can one manage to be freer and more impartial in a partnership and ultimately get one's needs met. If a descendant Cancer does this, then he will quickly discover that a completely different quality of life is introduced and personal development is significantly better promoted.