Descendant Capricorn – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Capricorn – Meaning and Characteristics

The meaning of people with the Descendant Capricorn are the opposite of the meanings of an Ascendant. So, they are sentimental people. But they have their difficulties to show these feelings as well. This is primarily due to the fact that it takes them a long time to build up the necessary trust in their partner. Once this has happened, however, they can better let their feelings run free, then they are faithful and one can fully rely on them. On the other hand, people with the descendant Capricorn have a very pronounced fantasy and then often flee into a kind of dream world, especially when something doesn't work out the way you imagine it to.

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Responsibilities block feelings

The Capricorn characteristics is emotionality, but it is usually difficult for him to show his feelings. This can often be quite difficult, especially in partnerships. It takes them quite some time to find the necessary trust in another person. But once they have decided on a partner, they are faithful and you can rely on them completely. You need some time to commit yourself, but if that is the case, then it should be forever. It often happens that the descendant Capricorn takes on many duties in the relationship and therefore cannot always fully live out his feelings. This is only possible if the partner identifies with this relationship just as strongly. For the person with the descendant Capricorn it is important that he has a partner who has the necessary maturity and approaches life with a certain down-to-earthiness. These people try to solve problems with realism and common sense. To this end, an agreed order helps them, to which everyone must adhere, so that confusing, pompous emotions cannot bring confusion into the relationship.

With the right partner through thick and thin

The descendant Capricorn is regarded as a person with a lot of feelings and sensitivity. He is born to give deep and true love, to show a lot of sincere joy, but also to suffer a lot. He's very vulnerable, and he needs to be treated with care. However, people with the descendant Capricorn tend very strongly to flee easily into a dream world due to their very pronounced fantasy, if they do not succeed in realizing their dreams. This person always needs a world in which he can withdraw if necessary to forget the everyday life. For the descendant Capricorn a relationship with a lot of affection and security is extremely important and becomes for him a special topic in life. To gain the friendship of this person you have to be patient, because he is not ready for it so easily. But once this has happened, the descendant Capricorn helps in every situation and full of care. Once a person has found the right partner for himself with this descendant, he is a faithful and honest companion who goes through thick and thin with his partner.