Descendant Gemini – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Gemini – Meaning and Characteristics

People with the descendant Gemini have following characteristics and meanings: They are open people and see the world positively. But they need tangible and understandable things around them. A descendant Gemini – which is the opposite of an Ascendant – has the quality that you can easily inspire him with knowledge. In a partnership, however, he needs his freedom, and one prefers to leave him on a long leash. But they also want to achieve happiness, success and popularity through a courteous nature towards other people. They are often so enthusiastic about certain people that they try to imitate their facial expressions and gestures and emulate them completely.

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Open-minded and freedom-loving

People with the descendant Gemini are very open-minded contemporaries. They like to feel free and happy, easy and open should also be the partnership for these people. They are open to other people and like to make new contacts. Spiritual stimulation is almost more important to these people than the depth of a partnership with deeply charged feelings. A human being with the descendant Gemini needs a partner who grants him his liveliness and also his, from time to time, flashing arrogance. You can only keep a descendant twin in a partnership if you let him walk on a long leash and let him breathe enough air. With descendant Gemini, you always have the impression that everything is made dependent on your own appearance. A person would like to realize his own happiness, success and popularity with the descendant Gemini through a courteous being. They also like to take other people as role models, whom they then try to emulate. This goes so far that a descendant Gemini human even tries to imitate his facial expression and his gait. Especially when it comes to knowledge, these people are very easy to inspire and are immediately on fire. This is primarily because knowledge in all areas plays a very large role in a descendant Gemini.

Human with intellect

The descendant Gemini is a minded person who is not attracted to incomprehensible and fantastic things. He likes clear relationships, clear facts and tries to fathom everything in life with his mind and make it explainable. Especially with regard to a partnership and relationship, a dreamy and sensitive partner is not exactly ideal for the descendant Gemini. A person with the descendant Gemini lives in a world he can grasp and not in his imagination. But that does not mean that this person is not interested, because he is a very resourceful character. But this has less to do with imagination than with the alert mind of these people. A descendant Gemini is able to make many different mental connections in a very short time. These people love mobility, they need to communicate with their fellow human beings, meet friends and they love sports. The active life is in the foreground and therefore they also need a partner who is just as active and wants to discover life together with him. People prefer to live a life with the descendant that is easy, does not cause any great problems and is not too binding in the relationship.