Descendant Leo – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Leo – Meaning and Characteristics

A man with the descendant Leo loves freedom and shows an intellectual attitude to life. In a partnership he would like to show his heart warmth without being seen as weak by the partner. A partnership with this person is not always easy, because although he expects a lot from a relationship, he also demands a lot of personal freedom for himself. This can then again and again lead to disharmony, in the course of which the person with the descendant Leo can show himself very emotionally cold and distance himself from the partnership.

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Emotionally cold in conflicts

A Leo characteristic and meaning are liberality and quite intellectual attitude and would like to be allowed to show his warmth of heart in the partnership without being considered weak. A person with the descendant Leo places high demands on the partnership, and he wants to show others his pride in a well-functioning relationship. The descendant Leo is the opposite of an Ascendant and is thus very much strives to be the authoritative part in a relationship, which of course can inevitably lead to conflict. On the other hand, it is also the case that a person can fully enjoy life with the descendant Leo if he has found the right relationship and partnership for himself. But this is not always in harmony, because these people claim quite a lot of freedom for themselves. If then it comes to disharmonic moods, the descendant Leo tends very strongly to become emotionally cold and thus only to intensify the problem. A person standing in the descendant Leo usually longs for a cheerful and joyful partner. He attaches importance to the fact that it never gets boring in a relationship and that the partner is unconventional. The descendant Leo is of the opinion that one should not worry so much, but simply live.

The partner has to stimulate

A person with the Descendant Leo expects his partner to stimulate him and follow his ideas. It would be best if he could stimulate these ideas even further with his thoughts. For the descendant Leo, the partnership should not only be based on reason and adaptation. The relationship needs a certain charm for these people and so one would like to cross borders, try something unusual and try new things. Those who go through life too much with reason will find the descendant Leo boring and leave him to his side. But as much as things may be fun for two, he still needs his freedom and the distance to his partner from time to time. After all, you don't have to do everything together and also make your own experiences for yourself. For the partner of a descendant Leo this attitude is quite a challenge and not always comprehensible. This can lead to a relationship of jealousy and polemic. It is therefore important to go hand in hand with the partner and work together with them in the partnership. Then the necessary joy and attraction will be found in the relationship.