Descendant Libra – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Libra – Meaning and Characteristics

People with the descendant Libra like to allow actions and are very active. They would like to shape everything around them according to their wishes and this inevitably leads to problems in the interpersonal area. It is always noticeable that these people can be very stubborn and do not respect other opinions. Secretly, however, with the descendant Libra, people want a partner at their side who is a quiet supplement for them and they themselves become somewhat calmer in life. However, it may take a long time for them to become firmly bonded.

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Freedom and independence

A person with the descendant Libra likes to see actions and they want to be able to shape and arrange everything around him according to his wishes and ideas. If something doesn't work out the way he imagines it to work at the beginning, then he will reach top form and develop a sheer incredible energy. The descendant Libra is a person who likes to take the initiative, but is also very proud, courageous and very ambitious. However, because of his sometimes very extroverted character he needs his freedom and a certain kind of independence. Aries tend to like to take command and follow others. A person with the descendant Libra always has to be careful not to overestimate himself. Sometimes these people are very stubborn and can hardly be told anything. If something does not run smoothly at all, then they can also become angry and frighten others. If there are quarrels or disagreements, then this person does not keep the truth behind the mountain and unmistakably reveals what he also thinks. This is not always easy for the partner and sometimes even hurtful, but the descendant of Libra can often not do anything else, because it is the opposite of an Ascendant.

The will to adapt has to be present

Deep inside, the meaning with the zodiac sign Libra is to seek a partnership in which he finds a quiet complement to himself. It usually takes quite a long time for these people to be able to decide on a firm partnership, but when this happens then the restless being of a human being is also very often smoothed out with the descendant Libra. The prerequisite, however, is that you are also prepared to adapt, otherwise a partnership is anything but harmonious. A person with the descendant Libra usually wants a partnership that is light and sociable and that can develop and find each other in this partnership without any compulsion. For these people it is important that they develop a certain kind of diplomacy, contrary to their nature, because no relationship can function without compromises. A person born with the descendant Libra shows very clearly that these people need their environment and their fellow human beings. If they are on their own, then often the ideas are missing and also the challenges and life becomes boring for a person with the descendant Libra and boredom then also promotes the intolerant behavior towards the partner or other fellow human beings.