Descendant Pisces – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Pisces – Meaning and Characteristics

As against an Ascendant, people with the descendant Pisces have very concrete ideas of life and set themselves clear goals. In order to achieve one's own goals, a person with the descendant Pisces cleverly chooses the simplest and best way that can lead him to the goal. These people think very objectively and carefully and always try never to lose sight of reality. However, this does not always succeed because they very often wear themselves out in caring for other people themselves and because there is also the danger that they themselves go under. They therefore need a partner at their side who shows sincere love and thus provides the necessary support.

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A place for romantic

People with descendant Pisces are very correct people for whom order is above all else. The meaning and characteristics are that they exhibit a behavior that is very strongly guided by the mind. hey need a partner at their side who shows real feelings and would like total devotion. In order to achieve this, you have to listen to your heart more often and then show these feelings to your partner. This is precisely the time when a partnership is possible that has no equal. There simply has to be room for romance and then for people with the descendant Pisces much goes almost by itself. People with the descendant Pisces, always waver between anxious hope and the realism of simply escaping the simple life with all its worries and sinking into a sea of love. These people consciously stood up for other people, taking care of the sick and the helpless. But inside, they usually do this only because they want to prove to themselves that they are a person who deserves to be loved properly. But you also have to be careful, because if you are too committed to people with problems, you can quickly be dragged into this vortex yourself and then sink into it.

Tidiness is a must

A person with the descendant Pisces has very concrete ideas and knows very well what he wants to achieve. For this, he chooses the path that best leads to success and that is appropriate for him. A person born in the descendant Pisces is very careful to think and act objectively and rationally. He never loses touch with reality and always has his feet firmly on the ground. But this person also makes very high demands on himself and his fellow human beings. He does something either completely or not at all and he doesn't do half things. The descendant Pisces is appreciated above all for being very reliable and showing a high degree of responsibility. On the other hand, it makes these people very nervous when things happen that weren't so predictable in their extent before. Man and woman with the descendant Pisces are very orderly and diligent people who can rely on a sharp mind. But people with the descendant Pisces are also considered very materialistic and very critical and do not want to leave anything to chance. Chaos is driving these people crazy and if not everything is in its place then the descendant Pisces almost goes crazy.