Descendant Taurus – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Taurus – Meaning and Characteristics

A man with the descendant Taurus does not like half the story. They are usually deep digging people who value a relationship with the necessary seriousness. Because they are right opposite the ascendant Scorpio, they also tend to be jealous very quickly, even if this is not appropriate at all. For the descendant Taurus a partnership should always have enough charm, but also depth, but this cannot always be brought to a common denominator. Therefore, a long learning process is necessary to realize that true love can only be achieved with the necessary connectedness.

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View with two aspects

The meanings and characteristics of the descendant Taurus are that they do not want half of a story and are profound people. In a partnership, these people attach great importance to this happening completely and having the necessary seriousness. A person with the descendant Taurus has the characteristic that he wants to savor and enjoy a partnership with all its facets. This means that you not only want to experience the passion, but also enjoy all other emotional feelings. However, people in descendant Taurus tend to be very jealous, since the descendant Taurus is exactly opposite the ascendant Scorpio and jealousy is very pronounced among them. These people see love under two different aspects. On the one hand, a relationship and partnership should be cheerful and carefree, but on the other hand it should also be serious and characterized by a deep bond. A person with the descendant Taurus therefore seeks both the tingling adventure and the deep connection, which, however, cannot always be brought to a common denominator. These people also tend to lose the appeal of a relationship if they are too sure of their partner. This is because a person with descendant Taurus determines the attraction in duration and commitment of the relationship, but this can have exactly the opposite effect.

Beloved beings

Actually, we can say that people with the descendant Taurus have following meaning: They are very loving contemporaries. They take a touching care of partners and family and provide good foundations for life. They usually pay attention to their health and to a healthy and balanced nourishment. However, it must also be said that this path to this care was a long development process and was not overnight. But the twofold view and opinion of love will always remain with these people and so the descendant Taurus is always faced with new challenges. The problem for these people is that, on the one hand, they do not want to overtax their partner, but at the same time expect more from him in certain respects. But it is very difficult for a person with descendant Taurus to express his wishes and needs openly. But the most important need for these people will always be harmony and peace in a relationship. A relationship and partnership is a long learning process for the descendant Taurus, at the end of which he can learn at some point that true love can only develop properly if it is connected.