Descendant Virgo – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Virgo – Meaning and Characteristics

People with the descendant Virgo are people of our time who have a great deal of sensitivity and who often carry their pronounced fantasy a little away from the world. Whoever is born in the descendant Virgo usually has very little assertiveness or at least finds it very difficult to clearly represent his point of view. In love, a person with the descendant Virgo likes to indulge in the joys that it can offer in all its facets. A person with the descendant Virgo is cheerful and cozy, but can be driven again and again by an undefined restlessness.

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Highly sensitive part

People with the opposite of an Ascendant, for example the descendant Virgo have a lot of feelings and a great imagination. But this also means that there are always difficulties when it comes to consistent self-assertion. These people need a life in a partnership in which you can live out your dreams again and again and still stand realistically in life. A person with the descendant Virgo is very romantic and likes to indulge in the pleasures of love with everything it has to offer. However, there is always the danger that an emotional retreat takes place when the similarities with the partner diminish. Many people with the descendant Virgo then react cool and very formal and are hypersensitive. Then it is tried quickly to punish the partner by withdrawal of tenderness or by withdrawal of cordiality. A human with the descendant Virgo often shows two faces. On the one hand they have a very good heart and on the other hand they don't want to impose themselves with their emotions. The meaning and characteristics show that these people can only deal with conflicts with great difficulty and rather seek harmony and friendliness. The descendant Virgo has the quality of being a good judge of character, and one needs much contact with one's fellow men and a lively spiritual exchange.

Cheerful and cozy

People with the descendant Virgo have the characteristics of having a lot of sensitivity and to be very peaceful. They always have a heart for others and are always ready to help. They can be very cheerful and cozy, but on the other hand they can also be driven by unrest despite their kindness. However, people with descendants of Virgo have very little assertiveness, but with their innate intuition they always manage to achieve their goals anyway. They make their decisions on the gut level and are thus almost always right. In the partnership these people show themselves as very tender and sensual partners and everyone who loves and needs romance will find in the descendant Virgo the ideal partner. But they also know very well that everything is relative in life and especially in love. The descendant Virgo is very adaptable and tolerant and goes with the flow in most cases. In love, they sometimes surrender to their dreams and let themselves be driven by their longings and fantasies. Sometimes they only realize that they are in the middle of a relationship after they have awakened from it.