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Career Horoscope Capricorn: Your Job Horoscope for Capricorn

In our free Capricorn career horoscope, you’ll see, that people who are born under the Capricorn sign can't imagine a life without work, which is why most Capricorn individuals put their job first and their personal life and their families second. They are extremely reliable and always ready to assume responsibility in all areas of their lives, especially in their job. As a colleague, Capricorn generally is helpful and kind and sees things from a very rational and objective point of view. Capricorn people have many different talents and a lot of ambition, and so they can be successful and satisfied in several professional fields. Read more now in our Job Horoscope Capricorn for free.

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The professional talents and potentials of Capricorn

The ambitious Capricorn lives for his job and so it's quite normal for this sign to make their work their first priority and to put their private life in second place. However, that doesn't mean that Capricorns don't care about their families because they are very responsible and dutiful in everything they do. Capricorn people don't have extravagant needs and are very meticulous and disciplined in their work, which they preferable execute by themselves and on their own authority. People born in Capricorn are known and appreciated by their colleagues for their objectivity and their readiness to provide practical help. The other distinguishing character traits of Capricorn individuals are their remarkable self-control, their ability to focus and their seriousness, which don't' just make them good team players but also very capable leaders.

The best work environment for Capricorn

Capricorns like to be successful in their job and never take their eyes off the next step on the career ladder, because they know that they deserve to move up. As opposed to other signs, Capricorn people believe that success in their job is the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears and so they are always ready to get their hands dirty and to work really hard. Due to their serious character, Capricorns don't to make fun of their colleagues or to raise their own profile at the expense of other people and certainly won't accept a promotion they don't deserve, because their integrity and their diligence make it impossible for them to act that way. When entering a new job, Capricorn individuals feel responsible for everything right from their first day at work, whether it's about making coffee or taking breaks correctly. What matters is that everything follows the principles of law and order. That said, it's not a wonder that Capricorns are made for the civil service where they can dig through countless paragraphs, rules and regulations all day every day. Capricorn professionals usually don't consider a friendly work atmosphere the most important thing in their job because they believe that too much harmony and familiarity among colleagues can have a negative impact on their productivity.

The most suitable jobs for Capricorn

People who belong to the Capricorn sign very often choose professions that involve rules and regulations, codes of conduct and duties, as all these things allow a Capricorn to feel safe and grounded and help him to find their vocation in their work. So, it makes a lot of sense that people with this zodiac sign work for as civil servants in public authorities, in the Administration, as legal practitioners or political scientists. Naturally, their passion for law and order also pushes them to get into the Public Attorney's Office and politics. As a matter of fact, a lot of mayors and delegates also belong to the Capricorn sign. But since this zodiac sign is assigned to the earth element, Capricorns can also find fulfillment as geometers, civil engineers or – which is rare but not impossible – as construction workers.