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Leo Monthly Horoscope for this Month July 2019

Leo Horoskop dieser Monat

Leo should listen to their inner voice very carefully This month and fulfill themselves a long-cherished wish. You might want to talk it over with your partner, as that conversation could hold a pleasant surprise for you.

Leo remain calm and relaxed in any situation and manage to see something positive in everything This month. Nurturing your peace of mind is a very healthy attitude for you and for everyone in your environment, who will also benefit from your serene vibe.

Be smart and don't wait for a task assignment at work. You better show some initiative and start the engines yourself because this is a great opportunity to impress the boss with good work.

At the moment you are envied for your self-confident appearance and the aura you radiate. Amor is hunting you with his arrow and you should not miss this opportunity. The chances are particularly good for singles.

At the moment it does not look financially bad and the cash register is well filled. Nevertheless one should think about what it might look like in the future and put a little more on the high edge.

Right now, not everyone has the same opinion as you. This applies not only to your parents, but also to your friends. But you should also respect these other opinions and show yourself reasonable.

Your entrepreneurial spirit will be rewarded with intensive discussions and exciting experiences. But be moderate, you tend to overestimate your reserves. And above all, you should not forget that you are also needed as a mother.

The zodiac sign Leo: Gifts and shopping:

A person with the zodiac sign Leo loves luxury. This is what they value when it comes to gifts and luxury goods are also the preferred goods when shopping. A look into the monthly horoscope this month shows him which days are best suited for his shopping tours, because he does not need stress. Who would like to make a gift to a Leo, must have no fear that only very expensive gifts arrive well. For the person with the zodiac sign Leo it is important that his gift represents something very special and then he will be happy as well.

Gold for the Leo

People with the zodiac sign Leo are known for their love of luxury. So, gemstones, diamonds and of course gold are at the top of the list of possible gifts. The Leo is particularly fond of gold, but this is not surprising, as gold is closely associated with the sign of the zodiac in astrology. Jewelry is generally a very popular gift for a person with the sign of the zodiac Leo and it makes no difference whether it is a woman or a man. But you do not have to be afraid that for the Leo only very sinful and expensive gifts are possible. It is important for a person with the zodiac sign Leo that you give him or her a gift that represents something special. It is best to give him a gift that represents something personal. This can be something you have made yourself, like a photo book or a lamp. If the whole gift is then also packed really great, then the Leo will be really enthusiastic. Because a person with the zodiac sign Leo is also very enjoyable, an invitation to a fine restaurant for a 3-course menu can also arouse the enthusiasm.

Always on the lookout for something special

Everything that glitters and sparkles magically attracts the Leo, and they like the large, exclusive shopping streets that offer them something special. But as they rarely go shopping in Monte Carlo or Dubai, they like to stroll where there is something expensive or unusual to see. When it comes to clothing, the Leo is at least inspired by the latest designer fashion. He or she likes to shop in small boutiques, perfumeries or, if it costs a little more, at the jewelers. However, the Leo is also demanding when it comes to advice. If he has to stand at the checkout in a shop for a long time or has to wait eternally for the seller, he is quickly upset because he thinks that the customer is the boss after all. And so, a Leo only really gets into a buying mood if you show him this appreciation. So that also the correct day is selected, the view belongs into the free monthly horoscope absolutely to it. The Leo prefers the horoscope this month, so that he can plan everything beautifully.