The Number 4 in Numerology: The Meaning of Four

The Number 4 in Numerology: The Meaning of Four

The science of numerology uses the symbolic language of the numbers. This is based on the principle that every number, every date and every name can be resembled by a numerological cardinal number ranging from 1 to 9. Especially the birth date plays a considerable role here, because the destiny number, also called life path number, is determined based on the birth date. This number can contribute to a better understanding of one’s own personality in order to take control over one’s own destiny. Whoever knows his or her destiny number is in a position to emphasize his or her strengths more clearly and to make their decisions in life with more awareness.

The meaning of the number 4

The destiny number 4 represents the quadrate and therefore the wholeness. This life path number includes the 4 elements, the 4 cardinal points as well as the 4 seasons of the year. People with this destiny number are considered being very down-to-earth. Their main characteristics are a high work ethic and great commitment, which makes them the cornerstones of our society. Thanks to their balanced personality and reliability, people like to be friends with a person with the life path number 4. Also in professional life, you can call on people with the life path number 4 in almost all situation and you can even rely on them when others have already given up. They always try to reach their goals with hard work and ambition and to do their part in order to lead a good life.

A good partner for life

People having the destiny number 4 provide stability and certainty to others in love life. These characteristics make them ideal partners, no matter whether man or woman. They have a clear mind largely based on logics, which qualifies them particularly for planning and organizational activities. Sometimes, people with the life path number 4 appear cold, humorless and stubborn, and inflexible because of their straightforwardness. Their economic sense can very often turn into stinginess and this may then very often lead to disputes and irritations. People with this destiny number will find it hard to express their feelings and so it is no wonder that they will generally subordinate their private concerns to their professional priorities. Even though they are ideal partners, because they are caring and loyal people, their reduced emotionality can often strain a relationship.

The name number 4

Apart from the destiny number, the name number is, of course, very important to be able to make a numerological interpretation. The name number 4 has great influence on the logical thinking of a human being. This will reduce the risk-taking of individuals with the name number 4, because reason will have them take risks only if they are necessary for making progress. The name number 4 will cause them to display more mistrust than many of their fellow people. For this reason, people with the name number 4 will only have few real friends; skeptical as they are, these individuals will only rarely trust other human beings. People bearing the name number 4 are very efficient and even though they are very suspicious, they are always reliable.