The Number 7 in Numerology: The Meaning of Seven

The Number 7 in Numerology: The Meaning of Seven

The destiny number says a lot about a human being, because the destiny number provides information on the skills and the basic temper. It is all the more important to recognize one’s destiny number and the skills that this number involves and to draw the corresponding conclusions with regard to one’s own decisions in life. The destiny number 7 has a particular meaning in numerology as well as in astrology, because it principally stands for the sacred also expressed by the biblical references concerning the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues.

The meaning of the number 7

A human being with the destiny number 7 learns very soon in his life that in a materially oriented world one has to face reality without having to worry not to be able to exist there. People with this life path number know their limits very well and can also set limits to themselves. Based on their virtues, people having the life path number 7 will, however, place back their own skills and needs in favor of their fellow people and look more after their fellow people than themselves. From the outer appearance, they are always amiable and humble and are highly estimated by everyone for these features, but inside they often feel disappointed that they are hiding their light under a bushel. Therefore, it is very important for people with the destiny number 7 that their fellow people sufficiently appreciate and estimate whatever they are doing.

Any dispute can be settled

People with the destiny number 7 are very diplomatic and are in a position to settle every dispute and to reconcile the disputants. Hence, it is no wonder that these people very often act as advisors in critical situations. They are always ready to listen and through their pronounced sense of reality, they will easily find solutions for any problem. However, special care must be taken here because it sometimes happens that in their efforts to be “holy”, they will work themselves up in other people’s problems and will neglect their own needs. People having the life path number or destiny number 7 have to pay attention that they will always find the balance between helping and ensuring their own needs. Human beings with this destiny number will always treat their partners with great devotion and love even if they might seem to be somewhat unstable in their inner fight for virtue.

The name number 7

Seven as name number has a particular influence on a person. The name number 7 is definitely very special, especially in combination with the destiny number 7. So people having this combination will face sadness but also pleasure during their whole life. It is very important for these people to take their destiny in their own hands and not to count too much on the advice of other people. When they succeed in doing so, their life path can become quite successful. As a rule, people with the name number 7 are very loyal and reliable people who lead their life with the necessary seriousness.